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26 August 2020

ARIES: You should jump on the bandwagon of luck and opportunity right now, especially with positive planets influencing you. You may not even need to do too much to attract good fortune. But don’t rest on your laurels and expect things to be rosy without lifting a finger.

TAURUS: Passion is running high and irresistible energies are now around you. That needs to be well directed. Your focus is on friendships but finding solutions to confrontations with family members is on your agenda as well. In particular, your mother may be pivotal.

GEMINI: The problem with marriage is that everyone superimposes a conceptual framework on it. This is based on culture and religious beliefs rather than looking at relationships being as unique as there are people there are on the planet.

CANCER: If you worry too much about money, focusing on how little you have will only serve to increase more of what you focus on ie less. To increase your income and overall wealth and position in life you must counteract any negative thoughts with those of positive and uplifting energy.

LEO: This is an excellent transit which signals the need to expand your thinking and grow the contacts you’re in touch with. There’s also a crossover between these new interests and your professional life. Bridging the two will act as a catalyst for both spheres of your by enriching each of them.

VIRGO: Handling your past and any intense emotional milestones of your life will be overwhelming. That is unless you deal with them. Once you face them fairly and squarely you can move forward and without bogging yourself down. The usual approach is to sweep memories under the rug.

LIBRA: This is an intense, if not obsessive sort of day. Friendships will be the focus of your attention. You’re not able to let go of some of the torment surrounding a situation. It may have left you embarrassed or feeling less than recognized in your social circle.
SCORPIO: Your work may be a rollercoaster ride. Take the time to think things through before making accusations or running headlong into a circumstance that is difficult to get out of. Research, careful forethought and consultation will be the secret to making a good decision professionally at this time.
SAGITTARIUS: Finding meaning in your life and the reason you’re doing the things you’re doing will occupy much of your mind at the moment. That may not be an easy a task given the current challenging planetary patterns. Fortunately, you’re able to think outside the square and come up with novel solutions.
CAPRICORN: Your work commitments are in conflict with domestic demands. Balancing these two areas of your life will require some creative work on your part. A sense of duty has to be countered with compassion for those you love. You need some time out to focus exclusively on one of these.
AQUARIUS: You’re holding back and not showing how you truly feel to someone. This will only send out a signal that you don’t care. Express yourself and don’t be afraid to step outside your normal comfort zone. Remember, actions do indeed speak louder than words.
PISCES: You reach a crisis in your health. This is nature’s way of ridding you of stress. Some of the physical and also emotional issues that have been stacking up are the cause of this. Some of your health concerns relate to being in environments which don’t resonate with your emotional makeup.