25th Tsütuonuomia Inter Peli traditional games meet held

25th Tsütuonuomia Inter Peli  traditional games meet held
Chief guest MLA Keneizhakho Nakhro and guest of honour K Neibou Sekhose along with Tsütuonuomia Peli Union officials and GBs during the Inter Peli competition on March 29, 2018.

Kohima, MarCh 29: The silver jubilee Inter Peli (peer group) Sekrenyi traditional games competition of Tsütuonuomia (T Khel) under Kohima village was held today at the khel ground with newly elected NPF MLA Keneizhakho Nakhro as the chief guest.
In his address, Nakhro lauded the efforts of T Khel in preserving not only the tradition and culture of the forefathers but also the games and folklores by holding such competition.
Expressing fear that such traditional practices and games have been slowly diminishing with the advancement of modern technology, he hoped that such events would help passing on the good values of the forefathers to the younger generation.
He also urged upon the younger generation to have the zeal of learning the traditional practice and indigenous games to uphold one’s identity.
Meanwhile, pointing that T Khel are the landowners of the colonies falling under Western Angami-I Assembly Constituency, Nakhro, who represents the seat as NPF MLA in the Assembly, conveyed his gratitude for the support rendered during the just concluded State Assembly elections.
President of Tsütuonuomia Peli Union, Visasielie Suohu shared a brief highlight on the activities of the peer group.
Tsiituonuomia Youth Organization president Kevisenyii Zatsu urged the people of the khel to take the silver jubilee as a platform to forgive and forget each other of the past misdeeds, if any, and move towards a progressive and congenial atmosphere.
Vice chairman of T. Khel Council, K. Neibou Sekhose graced the occasion as the guest of honour.
Tsiituonuomia Peli Union president Visasielie Suohu in his speech said Peli Union was set up in 1993 to bring the entire Peli together under one platform to keep alive the rich cultural and traditional practices of forefathers.
He informed that a commemorative souvenir, marking the 25 years existence of Tsiituonuomia Peli Union will be brought out.
Chaired by Cultural Secretary Tsütuonuomia Peli Union, Dzieseneituo Belho the jubilation commenced with Pastor of Khedi Baptist Church Rev Pelhousehu Belho invoking God’s blessing.
A folk song was presented by officials of the union.
The results of the various events held are:
1st Peli No 13 – Noushe Lozi
2nd Peli No 14 – Vira Lozi
1st: Peli – 13 Nourhe Lozi
2nd: Peli 12 Kenei Khriepeli
1st Asituo Peli 17
2nd: Kevizekuo Peli 16
3rd: Mhasisetuo Peli 18
1st: Ketoukhriezo Peli No. 16 Kevichade Peli
2nd: Keviphrü 16 Khrie Peli
3rd: Asituo Peli 17 Miavimia Peli
1st Henyü- Peli 14 Vira Lozi
2nd: Kekhriengulie Peli 15 Vizachü
3rd: Adelie Peli- Kenei Khrie
Champion – Peli 18 Khrie Peli
Runners-Up – Peli 15 Vizachü
Champion- Peli- 14 Vira Lozi
Runner Up- Peli 11 Ketou Khrie
Champion – Peli 11 Ketoukhrie
Runner Up – Peli 15 Vizachü
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