25th October 2019


ARIES: Take a leaf out of someone else’s book. You may be impressed by the attitude of someone you meet or a person you’ve been back in touch with recently. You shouldn’t fear to emulate the good behaviour of others because of the risk you could be branded an imitator.
TAURUS: Strong planetary forces affect your love affairs and will be creating considerable indecision just now. But you don’t have to make a decision now. Just allow the experience of connecting with someone new to take you where it will.
GEMINI: The best sort of progress is that which is steady and certain, and that offers you a clear-cut pathway to the objective in mind. This gives you the ability to gain confidence in what you do and at the same time instil confidence in others.
CANCER: Change, reformation, and improvement in paperwork, finance, and business matters will give you a great deal of satisfaction. And on a more personal level, there will be a budding romance or love affair. That much of this activity will be done in solitude as you will get far more done being away from others.
LEO: Love and relationships are playing on your mind. You’re wondering whether to force the hand in a situation where you’re not clear on what the other person wants. There’s no harm in giving it a little more of a push, is there?
VIRGO: Trying to establish what’s truly good or bad for you won’t be that easy during this cycle but if you’re aware enough, you’ll soon sift the wheat from the chaff. You’re prepared to take a punt and this doesn’t necessarily relate to the financial aspects of your existence.
LIBRA: The daily structure of your life and work is often taken for granted and so can fall into disrepair and when this happens you’re distracted and unable to perform to your optimum level. This means it’s time to reinvent the commonplace and make it exceptional, to see that the habits and methods that make up your daily operations serve the purposes for which they were intended.
SCORPIO: The pen is mightier than the sword but the tongue is even sharper than the pen. Verbal clashes can occur now if you’re not careful, particularly over money-related issues and although you may win a point of argument that doesn’t necessarily mean the outcome is fortuitous.
SAGITTARIUS: Don’t lose your cool today. Remember that everything happens in its own good time and impatient is not going to make things happen any quicker. Yet, the time will be on your mind and unless you’re occupied with something you love to do, the hands on the clock will seem to be moving in slow motion.
CAPRICORN: People are always watching even though you may think they aren’t. Your behaviour now should act as a template for others, a model which is impeccable and beyond reproach. You may in the future be asked to explain your actions and to justify why you’ve done things the way you have.
AQUARIUS: Taking care of others now seems like a burden. Unreasonable demands of your time and energy leave you feeling somewhat like a pushover. Your flexibility will be tested now as domestic matters become pressure-packed.
PISCES: An emotional upheaval may occur at this time which produces a major change of direction. In spite of this emotional intensity, you can cope with any situation that confronts you. Take note that extended periods of emotional anxiety can have an adverse influence on your health.