Thursday, September 23, 2021
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25th May 2019

ARIES: There can be several delays and your energy may not be flowing quite as well as it usually does today. Doing some spiritual exercises such as yoga and meditation can help. There are changes in your peer group at present and you will need to support some of your friends by giving them a renewed sense of direction.
TAURUS: Your personal gut feeling is strong today, so you’ll be able to sniff out a good deal. It may be anything from an artefact or piece of jewellery to a house at auction or a car. If you feel like spending, and you probably will, it should be fun so make plenty of time available for some quality bargain hunting.
GEMINI: You feel like there are barriers that don’t allow you to fulfil yourself creatively. You must be original and bold enough to take BIG steps in your life. You need to enlist the help of others to fulfil your plans today. Arrangements that backfire are only temporary. Don’t discard what you start.
CANCER: You’re confronted by personal demons and need to share them with someone who can help you. Don’t bottle up your emotions especially if they’re negative. Keeping up with your friends create tension. You may feel alone if others have more than you. Remember, the best things in life aren’t things!
LEO: You need to concentrate on important issues in your romantic life things that have been left unsaid. Be kind and especially tactful when broaching the subject. It’s very important to re-evaluate some of your philosophical views at the moment. Are they working for you?
VIRGO: You’re having some hard to explain feelings and realise it may take some time for you to get a handle on them. Don’t let this get you down. Taking stock of your workload is an essential part of this equation as well. You need to put your thoughts down in writing and approach a superior to get this happening.
LIBRA: What’s required of you is change and finding new ways of meeting other people’s needs. Don’t fall into the trap of being at everyone else’s beck and call. You mustn’t feel defeated if you’re losing ground financially either.
SCORPIO: Leave plenty of room open for last-minute situations that come rushing in and demand greater attention. Concentrate on matters that require closure right now. The world seems a much nicer place today. By focusing on the positive, you will be able to achieve a better state of mind and greater success.
SAGITTARIUS: You can work from home and balance your professional and domestic life in doing so. Try to get paid before you do the job though as misunderstandings may arise. Don’t let a loss cause you to deteriorate into a state of disappointment.
CAPRICORN: You’re lucky under the current transits and as a result, you can make more money from your craft but don’t push yourself too hard. Work has to be enjoyable not only lucrative. If the pattern of your profession has ground down to a dull routine the trick now is to be creative in making it exciting and enjoyable as it once was.
AQUARIUS: You have to express yourself much more clearly when demanding your needs be met. Deep-seated questions regarding emotional and sexual intimacy float to the top of your psychological agenda. You need to systematically eliminate those things which are holding you back from being happy in your relationships.
PISCES: You’ve probably shut yourself off from your innate sensitivity through fear of being hurt. For this reason, understanding relationships are of primary importance. Someone may give you the opportunity to restore this element of your personality and this provides a renewed trust in people and life generally.