25th March 2018


ARIES: Today you realise that sooner or later, you must do your fair share. You may have to deal more firmly with someone at work. Run-of-the-mill romance doesn’t fulfil you; you search for something new and exciting. Try starting some fireworks!
TAURUS: Today you have a natural sense of what the family members want from you. In romance, fancy ideas induce a spurt of energy. You’ll be so intent on doing your own thing that you could neglect the needs of others. Trying to create more harmony could have a boomerang effect now.
GEMINI: You are not at all demanding or critical but kind, just and considerate.A passionate lose affair, if you’re single, or passion and intensity in marriage, if you’re already in a state of wedded bliss! You will experience it, and understand.
CANCER: You are in a touchy mood easy to take offence ,suspicious of others motive.This attitude will be your worst enemy .You will need to interact,mesh touch base with other people in order to get ahead.
LEO: You get a chance to meet an experienced person and learn how to negotiate and respond effectively. You deal intelligently with a situation that may threaten your reputation.
VIRGO: You might be concerned about your close relationship and they may have been at the back of your mind. Now is the time to bring them to the forefront and discuss all problems, doubts and come forth with all that remains unsaid.
LIBRA: Expectations from family regarding your career aspirations add more pressure. A cool breeze in romance arrives to soothe your burning heart.
SCORPIO: If you are in active sport or in the creative field, you may find other people to be more interfering than usual. Keep to your course and avoid confrontations. The emphasis is on relationships today.Your emotional quotient will be up to the mark. You will handle relationships carefully.
SAGITTARIUS: Take the wheel of your ship, stars will urge you to throw in your efforts or resources with others to make the most of things at key times.The trick is to know when and how much.You may hone past skills for present use. Old associations or familiar groups may be part of your life again.
CAPRICORN: In a sudden mood swing you seek solitude ,lonely places ,as you wrestle to come to terms with certain doubts,a kind of angst and depression Working for the community ,for larger issues,global concerns and causes brings solace and satisfaction.
AQUARIUS: Give ground carefully when you have to but, once given, don’t stint in your support of what supports you.All the material resources shall be in plenty and you shall be seeing the world though rose tinted glasses.
PISCES: It may be hard to get any work done because you’re feeling restless and bored – don’t worry, chances are your boss is also feeling the same way! Be creative and find unorthodox ways to get your work done.