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25th July 2019

ARIES: You’re now prepared to make the necessary changes in your relationships and won’t give up until those changes come to fruition. You are also not willing to settle for less than what you believe you deserve in your love life.
TAURUS: You may need to increase your fees especially if you’ve increased the quality of your service. There may be a profitable short trip available to you now which can help your work or your business plan and require more clients.
GEMINI: The way you deal with people is going to determine the outcome of many areas of your life. Right now, it seems that you aren’t particularly satisfied with the way people are treating you. You may feel a little depressed about this but don’t know how to broach the topic.
CANCER: During this cycle, you may make up your mind that you are willing to pay a much greater price to ultimately get what you want. Some might say that this is excessive, foolish and unproductive but only you know what you are prepared to pay in terms of your time and money for what you dream for.
LEO: ou will find yourself much more idealistic than usual and prepared to put your money where your mouth is in terms of your philosophy and belief system. This arises as a result of you being bored with the usual, mundane activities, and the people you’ve surrounded yourself with.
VIRGO: Your personal feelings, attitudes, and ideals undergo a dramatic change at this time. These changes are very deep, and experiences from your early life that you’ve forgotten about long ago are likely to surface.
LIBRA: Your suspicions aren’t necessarily correct. Seemingly irrelevant problems in close relationships progress to a more dramatic level if you’re not prepared to let the trivia slide. Turn your focus back on yourself and try to see those details as reflections of your own shortcomings.
SCORPIO: You could be burnt out from making so much effort with little return that you wonder what the purpose is all about now. Finances, in particular, could weigh you down but you need to be creative in looking at these problems from the correct perspective.
SAGITTARIUS: Today, you’ll find a deeper significance in even the most trivial of activities today. You’re starting to connect the dots and realise that even the most mundane work has a cumulative effect which, over time, can result in significant positive outcomes.
CAPRICORN: You need to keep things private, even if you believe someone is trustworthy. In an instant, when that person’s guard is down, your confidential information may be revealed. You shouldn’t commit to a ‘for’ or ‘against’ conclusion with your family as this will work to sustain your relationship.
AQUARIUS: A meeting of minds is likely through social interactions, but don’t expect everyone to be on the same page. It’s a day when you realise that not everyone you meet is destined to be your best buddy. It seems there are far more messages in your voicemail than usual.
PISCES: You may be too shy in coming forward with your ideas today. Right now there’s an element of progressiveness to what you do, but you’re apprehensive about the response you might get from others who aren’t quite prepared for you to step out of your normal character role.