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25th February 2020

ARIES: Gathering information regarding your career or long-range goals is necessary. You can’t expect your career, finances and other issues to happen all by themselves. There are positive changes afoot in both your relationships and financial affairs. Today, spend time thinking about what your life purpose is.
TAURUS: Your drive to assert yourself and impact on the world meet with some opposition. You must become more adaptable. External forces may subtly undermine your efforts. You need to stand up for yourself against those who are taking advantage of you.
GEMINI: Dealing with others is difficult, especially if egos clash. Try to remain humble, even if someone tries to bait you. You can win friends rather than create enemies now with a little forethought. You’ll realise that isn’t going to get anyone very far. You can also expect the unexpected today.
CANCER: Small setbacks needn’t grind your day to a screeching halt. It’s a time for being clear with people about the ‘no go areas’ and what you expect from them. You will receive the respect you demand. It’s better to smooth out any differences you see on the horizon before they occur.
LEO: Don’t play guessing games, or you could lose. Give quality time to yourself and express your self-love. Continue to analyse how your personality affects others. You’ve possibly shut yourself off from your innate sensitivity through fear of being hurt.
VIRGO: Your need for freedom may clash with the repression or limitations you are experiencing. You can feel restless, as you push against barriers in your way right now. You may want to rebel, break the rules, or run away. The tension can be high, so try to remain calm to avoid accidents, or unnecessary blow-ups.
LIBRA: Plans to meet someone may be sidelined because of a greater priority. This may cause disappointment for them. You need to win their trust again. Alternatively, others may be generous with their time and money, much to your surprise.
SCORPIO: Your positive thinking will be a distinct asset in your negotiations today. An opportunity arises, just when you thought it was dead in the water. Your work experience and excellent presentation, may have clinched to deal. Use your energies to develop your unique skills even further.
SAGITTARIUS: Get rid of whatever you no longer need in life. Don’t become a hoarder. You need to create more space to allow the universe to bring in new experiences and opportunities. Past emotional experiences are weighing you down and also hindering your current relationships.
CAPRICORN: A unique spin on work practices supports your growing reputation growing. You may not have initially set out to gain extra money or accolades. You’ve been trying to find a more efficient way of doing things. Now you have additional benefits coming your way.
AQUARIUS: Individuals whom you depend upon may be having too much of a say in your life at present. It’s important not to let your identity and individuality drown in other people’s directives. You realise others are attempting to push their will on you.
PISCES: Getting a few extra hours sleep will make a big difference. Say goodbye to sleepless nights once and for all. This requires a very significant shift in your lifestyle habits. Lack of shut-eye could be the reason you’re not performing as well as you should.