Wednesday, June 16, 2021
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25th August 2019

ARIES: You only have to show a little more commitment at the moment to win over your partner. The stagnant energy you have been feeling means that romance may not have been all that rosy during this cycle. Make an effort and your love life will improve considerably.
TAURUS: It’s all work and no play which makes for a rather stressful cycle especially when it comes to relationships. Finding balance won’t be easy but effective communication is always the key to making life easier especially with those who are hard nuts to crack.
GEMINI: It’s time for clearing things up and attempting to be particularly lucid about your current set of plans. Your new insights can be worked into the picture and laid out to those who need to know but they may not be all that amenable to what you have to offer.
CANCER: It’s a great time for planning, cooking up new schemes, rearranging the way you look at things and generally feeling confident about things. Patterns you establish now do not need detailed follow-up until later, so you can stick to generalities until you’ve got it all properly mapped.
LEO: Your ability to do less with more with lasting results will be put in the spotlight. You can sustain your efforts and are rather inventive today. If you appear to have your act together, today will be remembered as the time you demonstrated it and will enhance your credibility for some time to come.
VIRGO: You have a great capacity to see the best in most situations and today is no exception. Look behind the facade and see the truth. Not everything you see should be taken at face value. You have to deal with the spending habits of someone and advise them.
LIBRA: You need a restart on a business relationship, even though you’re reluctant to do it. You need to assume a dominant posture. Things are hotting up in a positive way for you professionally but there are still some details on the financial side which need some polishing.
SCORPIO: There may be someone in your family who is suffering physically or constrained by illness. This is a day when your compassion needs to rise to the occasion. You need to renegotiate the terms of an agreement or situation but may be fearful that it’s an all or nothing situation.
SAGITTARIUS: Things could be getting complicated at home and possibly even at work things may be challenging for the time being. The trick is to simplify things. Don’t dwell on minor issues that can irritate you and distract you from the bigger picture.
CAPRICORN: You are highly ambitious, full of optimism and enthusiasm for new enterprises and plans. In fact, you may be foolishly over-confident and take on more challenges than you can really meet. You are inclined to take physical risks, gamble, speculate, and to act on faith and belief in yourself.
AQUARIUS: If you split your attention now and disperse your energy you may find yourself playing catch up financially. You need to be focused and with a clear-cut plan for improving your monetary situation. The needle of your compass is probably facing south at the moment and you need to turn that around to get on top of things.
PISCES: Fear is the biggest enemy right now and this is centered on your partnerships. You are perhaps putting up with things that within your heart you know you shouldn’t but wonder about the consequences should you say something.