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25th August 2018

ARIES: If you don’t want to waste your time, you would be well advised to avoid starting any new domestic projects, because they won’t amount to much. Instead, concentrate on ideas that are already in the pipeline. Ideally, you should also set aside plenty of time in which to rest and relax in some favourite and familiar surroundings.
TAURUS: Things are definitely improving. Those of you currently in loving relationships will find that romance continues to be in the air and you will love every minute you spend with your beloved. If you are single and are seeking a partner, the chances for finding the love of your life are highly favoured.
GEMINI: You may find yourself in something of a dilemma, as there are so many possibilities for you to make money. You could spend quite some time getting your act together and unlike yesterday, are likely to resist any monetary temptations. Developments in a close relationship should make you feel on top of the world.
CANCER: Alarming issues settle down nicely today, so make the effort to be as clear in your communications as possible. Home improvement activities may be on the top of your list. You can save some money by asking the family to pitch in. Working together attracts someone you’ve been extremely interested in.
LEO: Your leadership qualities and sensitivity regarding other people’s needs come out today. Expressing your true self without any BS will help you win favours in a big way. You have very itchy feet at the moment and woe betide anyone who tries to hold you back or confine you.
VIRGO: You may be more restrained today in how you express yourself in both words and deeds. Think twice before approaching people, as you don’t need a negative response and someone may be in a position to manipulate your emotions. Are you regretting a recent decision? You can’t quite get a read on your new love, but keep trying.
LIBRA: The more reliant you are on your daily routine running smoothly, the more likely you are to feel jangled when things go wrong today. Yes, it’s one of those irritating days when plans fail to work out in the way you hoped, and even simple tasks have a tendency to go haywire. Maybe you should give in to all this and do something totally different for a change?
SCORPIO: You are likely to have sudden fits of impatience and then quickly regret your reactions, Don’t let the blame for neglecting your responsibilities lower your spirits, as your accomplishments will be recognized anyway. Recheck your financial details; spending may have to wait for now.
SAGITTARIUS: The day starts on an upbeat note as you’re in sync with everybody, doing what needs to be done. However, as the day wears on, things shift into a distinctly ’emotional and domestic’ framework. Pay attention to what’s going on at home, especially in terms of the emotional atmosphere.
CAPRICORN: You’re in a very generous and kind frame of mind today, and you’ll go out of your way to help others if you think they need it. You might donate some money to a good cause or decide that charity begins at home. If you’re buying gifts for some of your loved ones it will be difficult to know when to stop, because you could easily get carried away.
AQUARIUS: Some previously concealed information will emerge in the near future that will affect your life, Aquarius, so keep your wits about you. Short trips may be necessary to sort out matters that have been pending for some time. Be particularly careful regarding shared financial commitments.
PISCES: There’s a certain amount of friction between you and a loved one today and it looks as though money is at the root of the problem. Maybe one of you wants to buy something and the other one disagrees, or there’s a clash about the cost of a social event.