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25 July 2020

ARIES: You have the right approach in knowing what to say to people. Your intelligence will come across well. You have new ideas about how to improve relationships and make the world better and more pleasant. You attract bright, lively people who are a pleasure to be with.

TAURUS: Your work will be rewarded swiftly which is a refreshing change. You’ll possibly find your employment requires more emotional input. This, in turn, will create a sense that you need a higher standard to reach for. This hasn’t gone unnoticed and superiors are noting your excellence and dedication.

GEMINI: Your humane instincts mean you can easily communicate with and help others. Doing charitable work is on the cards. Friends are a bonus now and you connect with the feminine side of yourself more easily.

CANCER: Solidify your personal relationships by offering assistance and advice when you can. Even if it means postponing your own immediate needs, do it. The advice you offer will be appreciated for the motivation behind it.

LEO: You can project yourself in whatever way you want right now. Consequently, you’ll find the next few weeks can be successful. Ask for what you want, romantically or professionally. Liberate yourself from any heavy work demands.

VIRGO: You’ll review and evaluate your current job and career options. Minor disruptions or delays cause setbacks in settling into new projects at this time. Mental concentration is lessened. Correspondence with business executives or associates leads to confusion or misunderstandings.

LIBRA: You’re feeling much more settled in relationships now. Perhaps, as a result, you’ll also be redirecting your energies closer to home. Focus on yourself for a while. If you feel the need, do some work on re-establishing what your inner priorities are.

SCORPIO: You experience increased emotional connections with others now. Female associations, in particular, are strong. Bonding will be a source of great pleasure. If you’ve been seeking romance and feel as at your wit’s end, it’s time to relax and stop trying so hard.

SAGITTARIUS: If you’re not happy with some aspect of your personal life either change it or accept it. Disagreements or tension in close relationships signal a need to take a different approach. For some, it means beginning a new romantic relationship.

CAPRICORN: You need to increase your fees or salary especially if you’ve improved your service or expertise. There may be profitable opportunities available to you now. Sift through the ones which will mobilise your work or business plan.

AQUARIUS: Your personal feelings, attitudes, and ideals undergo a dramatic change now. These changes are deep and meaningful. Forgotten experiences from your early life are likely to surface. These should be dealt with sooner or later. If you’re going to find lasting peace you need resolution with family issues.

PISCES: You feel confused about who your friends and enemies are now. Look more closely at who’s going to be of benefit and who’s holding you back. Sometimes, seeing clearly isn’t easy. It may take a little longer to come to see the light.