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24th October 2018

ARIES: The focus turns to your career and public image today. Prepare for some opposition from egotistical types who just don’t seem to get it. The best thing for you is to stay cool and avoid the temptation to indulge in a struggle for power.
TAURUS: Career communications are not as clear as they could be, but difficulties in personal relationships will begin to clear as the lines of transmission are opened tomorrow. Don’t be afraid to say what you think or feel; it’s natural for you to be a speaker of truth. You’ll have a much better understanding of your own truths in the coming days too.
GEMINI: The day will pass by quickly and you should be able to accomplish much, just be sure to take time out for centring and calming yourself. If you feel too much pressure to perform, step back and try and see things in perspective.
CANCER: You’ll feel optimistic and friendly. Frustrations are quickly forgotten, so make an effort not to hold a grudge. You may agree to disagree with someone just remember that everyone is entitled to an opinion, no matter how wrong it is!
LEO: Your personal magnetism gets a boost. You’ll be intense and powerful in your expression, so be careful not to overwhelm those who are not as strong as you. Your powers of intuition are doubled, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself reading the minds of others.
VIRGO: Do what you love and love what you do to achieve greater fortune, Stars shows that you need to take a more creative approach. If you hate what you’re doing, something is very wrong. Even if you’re making a mountain of cash, you’ll end up feeling empty.
LIBRA: Stars are helping you zip through the day. You’ll be especially magnetic and charismatic, so take advantage of the positive energy. If you really want something, now is the time to ask for it. Interviews go well today, as do performance reviews and special requests.
SCORPIO: Stars are boosting your own mysterious magic. This inclines you to budgetary canniness and careful shopping may yield some great bargains. Keep your eyes open for a good deal!
SAGITTARIUS: Some of you will feel as though they have a guardian angel watching over them; as much stress as you are under, everything should work out today. Your mate, best friend or partner may be on the warpath… this is also a high stress day for your partner, so proceed with caution. Don’t play ‘my day was worse than your day’ games unless you want to pay dearly!
CAPRICORN: Today stars are boosting your already impressive magnetism. Consider going out for coffee or drinks this evening with some old friends. You may just need to vent and blow off steam with someone who understands your position. Shake off the stress!
AQUARIUS: Stars are helping you to get back into high gear. It’s time to to get back on track with your projects. It may be several days before business matters move forward again, so set the stage for future success now. You are in demand, so take advantage of this energy!
PISCES: Career rewards are yours now. It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for! You might be sure that you have all the answers, but if you present it too forcefully you’ll only irritate higher ups. Watch how you say what you ‘know’ is true.