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24th November 2019

ARIES: Stirrings of restlessness can motivate you to make improvements to your life, such as through a new course or adventure of sorts. A fun and healthy escape may be in the offing and can be a real refresher. You are likely to feel a little bolder about expressing your likes and loves or about pursuing your heart’s desire.
TAURUS: It’s a time for accepting others’ help, sharing responsibilities, and combining resources or talents to advance your goals. Money or support may come through for some or an open-hearted conversation figures strongly. Your people instincts are powerful, and you may find joy through an intimate moment or a moment of profound self-honesty.
GEMINI: There can be distinct opportunities to win others over or to enhance a relationship. There can be mutual benefits through others, whether it’s about counseling, business, or romance. You are expressing real confidence, and you have a strong desire to move forward through forgiveness and acceptance.
CANCER: You may come across ways to improve or enjoy your daily life and happily attend to your health and wellness. Look out for impractical thinking and too-high expectations, but do watch for exciting possibilities. Good humor can be healing today. Y
LEO: Love can be magical, and your powers of attraction are strong. It’s a good time for friendships and dating, personal magnetism, and your social life in general. You’re feeling exceptionally generous with your heart, time, happiness, or money. It’s important to know yourself to make the best of the mixed energies with you today.
VIRGO: There can be an opportunity to bring more love, beauty, or harmony to a relationship or your domestic world. You might receive a gift–or give yourself one–that benefits the family or home. It’s a time for emphasizing cooperation, trust, and faith. It can also be an excellent time to clear space around the home.
LIBRA: A conflict over financial or ownership issues can emerge, or you could be driven to reveal a secret and release tension that has been building. Aim to keep your cool now, even if provoked. You can enjoy opportunities to expand your knowledge, connections, or mental interests. Good news can arrive, and conversations can be fun or heartwarming.
SCORPIO: There can be a pleasant feeling of abundance or a stronger drive to enjoy certain freedoms or the fruit of your labor. Be open and generous with others today for best results, whether personally or professionally, as this planetary combination rewards warmth and good cheer.
SAGITTARIUS: Romantic attention is quite likely to come your way now. You would do well to put a past grudge behind you, as this is a good time for generous moves. You may be sharing your feelings, happiness, art, talents, and joy now–the tendency is to go big! You’re feeling especially confident about who you are and about dealing with life, in general.
CAPRICORN: Let restlessness push you to make positive changes and improvements, or to release adverse situations or frustrations and put them behind you. It would be wise to guard against gambling and taking risks. Be patient with yourself and others. If you need to clear the air, try to do so in the most positive way.
AQUARIUS: Watch for short-sighted decisions and listen to your heart instead. Frustrations can surface, but if handled well, they help clear a path for you to start over feeling fresh and less burdened. Watch, too, for rebelling against your own rules or plans!
PISCES: You can be more confident in your path or happier about where you’re headed. This influence can open up doors on professional or public levels for some of you. Interruptions to plans and schedules or a social disagreement are possible, but this aspect helps smooth ruffled feathers.