24th March 2018


ARIES: Your mind will be concerned about your family members. You may feel pangs of sadness clouding your life.This is not the time for confrontations; this is the time for consolidation.
TAURUS: Today is a day of innovation, skills, true creativity and inspiration Marvelous gains come to you, from the activities and changed persona.Sudden attractions and instant love can catch you off guard.
GEMINI: Expect your emotional side to be most prominent during the day, but you decide to take a more relaxed and creative approach. Doubts about your skills and a difficult past experience could interfere with commonsense.A new partnership is likely.
CANCER: Health and planning of long distance travel may cause some worries. Speculative income is possible .Money will be in good supply but so shall be the expenses.Keep your temper under control.
LEO: Do not be rash erratic; it will only result in trouble and heartache. Your personal relations may cause sorrow and anxiety for you; the stars are a little unruly right now.
VIRGO: Today things may be going a little crazy. Your entire schedule maybe turned upside down with the current circumstances.Love and romance may recede to the background but it will be there in your heart.
LIBRA: There may be a good reason why new arrangements are required.Work and a common target could present both challenges and opportunities. This is also a good time to reassess your level of expertise.
SCORPIO: Try to inculcate the spirit of freedom, truth and honesty into your heart. You will automatically feel the difference.Be careful how you deal with your near and dear ones. Life can become very disorganized if your relationships go sour.
SAGITTARIUS: Sudden requirements keep you busy sorting out paperwork. Today you’re penny wise and pound foolish, so be warned. Your social calendar looks promising, but money may be a troublesome factor with a friend.
CAPRICORN: Many things come to you now, but all centered on you rather than your professional self.It is a day for shopping to your heart’s content but be careful lest you bring things of which you find little use later.
AQUARIUS: The right to fresh skills, originality in thought and techniques and in new ventures will be equally strongly asserted, and taken by you.Today you shall try to be just close to your loved one but passions shall arise .
PISCES: You shall strive to achieve success without clashes of personality, or showdowns, where hurt can be inflicted and received.There will be an originality, sheer inventiveness, ingenuity on display in your handling of people and of contentious issues.