Monday, March 8, 2021
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24th June 2019

ARIES: You might be captivated by ideas, objects, or people, but you are unlikely to be seeing these things clearly. Wishful thinking can cloud the truth of a situation. While it’s undoubtedly pleasant in the present, disappointment can follow.
TAURUS: If you are not feeling equipped to make decisions and commitments, it makes the most sense to wait until you’re clear and confident. For now, wishful thinking tends to cloud a situation.
GEMINI: Confusion about your general direction can play with your mind and confuse your personal choices temporarily. Take steps to avoid paying too much for something or making promises that you are unlikely to want to fulfill later.
CANCER: You can be feeling more sensitive than usual on a social or affectionate level early today, and this can lead to a greater awareness of your vulnerabilities. Try not to let sentiments and whims blur your judgment, however, and if you’re feeling misunderstood, try to ride things out.
LEO: Expectations of others may be set too high or too low, and the best strategy is to aim to enjoy yourself rather than pin your hopes on something in particular. As the day advances, you feel surer of yourself.
VIRGO: Although looking the other way can soothe you temporarily, you can’t honestly fool yourself all the time. Aim to work on putting illusions behind you, and avoid letting confusion in your personal life affect your professional dealings today.
LIBRA: You can feel quite sensitive or vulnerable as you’re more emotionally invested in an idea, dream, or belief. Be sure to take care of yourself, not only others. Do your best to keep your feet on the ground.
SCORPIO: You may not see a person or relationship clearly. As well, it can be difficult getting a firm commitment from someone or definite answers to your questions, and it’s probably best not to make significant or permanent decisions right now since waiting things out makes better sense.
SAGITTARIUS: There can be a vague yearning for something more from your connections. However, your best bet is to channel energies into a creative pursuit and take charge of your own happiness. This way, you avoid putting pressure on a relationship to be perfect or something it’s not.
CAPRICORN: Time can be one of the best tools for testing a theory or perception, as with time, reason tends to set in. Again today, avoid over-committing yourself. As the day advances, you can feel surer of yourself and capabilities.
AQUARIUS: Taking a risk or turning a blind eye to a problem can have unfavorable results. Aim to invest your emotions in something you have and love rather than pin your hopes on something out of reach just for now.
PISCES: Your desire for security, comfort, and peace is particularly strong these days with Venus in your home and family sector, but today, you may feel a little unfulfilled or yearning for more than the usual or ordinary.