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24th July 2019

ARIES: Profits should be up, but others may not be willing to pay you on time and that may frustrate you. You need to be more ruthless when it comes to accounting, especially if you’re running your own business. Some important new information about your spouse or lover may be revealed.
TAURUS: Take hold of the situation and make a firm decision to commit to that important decision today. Being left alone is the best way for you to gain the needed clarity. Put forward your perspective even if you think it doesn’t have all that much value.
GEMINI: There can be a tremendous amount of activity going on around you. Nervousness, even sleeplessness, is possible. You can feel yourself in the midst of rapidly changing, even chaotic circumstances. But you can also be mentally sharp and able to take a more objective look at yourself.
CANCER: You are excited and also obsessed with relationships. Try to maintain a levelheaded view without getting carried away. Your competence could challenge your partner and this is something you need to deal with. Try to encourage them in their own line of work or activity.
LEO: New forms of education intrigue you and this could be a time when you investigate how you can extend your knowledge base or acquire a new diploma through a study course. You realise there is a bridge to be built between the gap of your current knowledge and where you wish to be.
VIRGO: Can’t make up your mind today? Indecision is like a stepchild: if he doesn’t wash his hands, he’s called dirty, if he does, he’s wasting water. If you can’t make a decision, it’s better to forget it till next week because you probably won’t feel comfortable about your conclusion anyhow.
LIBRA: You may be concerned that you’re ageing. Don’t worry; it’s happening to all of us! There are ways you can get around this so you investigate internal as well as external methods to maintain your youth as long as possible.
SCORPIO: You must be singularly clear in what you say today otherwise you could well be misunderstood. Don’t allow nervousness to muddy the waters. Meditative practices offer you an opportunity to recharge your worn out batteries and also step aside from people who are giving you a hard time.
SAGITTARIUS: If you’re comparing your current partner to previous ones, you’re on a slippery slope. Try to accept your friends and lovers for who they are. It’s time to embrace change professionally. Don’t be nervous about it. You can use dramatic flair and elements of control to get what you want at present.
CAPRICORN: You’re tired of waiting and want answers on an issue you’ve been dissatisfied with for some time. Perhaps you need to set a deadline for something concrete to happen. Although there can be an improvement in your financial circumstances, you are still concerned about many things.
AQUARIUS: If you’ve been going through some personal business crisis you may have reached the end of the line. You need to legally settle any outstanding issues. A friend may distance themselves or you may not have the same contact you used to with them.
PISCES: Get your phone calls and emails out of the way early. You’ll achieve a lot in a short span of time and rewards will be forthcoming. The early bird catches the worm. You could be lacking concentration as your memory is collapsing and your attention to detail may be faltering.