24th July 2018


ARIES: You achieve success on account of your perfectionist attitude today.Forceful and dynamic, with ample opportunity to attract like-minded people, you may slide into moments of passion and sensuality.
TAURUS: Put your energies into to clearing out the clutter that restricts you from achieving your highest potential.The possibility for everlasting love matters not, as the moment you meet, it touches your soul.
GEMINI: Topics raised by those closest to you are definitely food for thought. In finances, yet again, keep a close watch on those due dates as funds easily evaporate.
CANCER: Initially, comments given won’t be well received as they are critical. Allow the dust to settle so that you can appreciate the constructive elements behind this feedback.Ideals may clash, but are yours as perfect as you believe them to be? An enlightening day for the ego!
LEO: Your work front will need special attention as there may be new job offers that may confuse you. Be attentive and flexible, that way you may be able to make the right choice. Switching from fantasy to honesty with self allows you to be more objective regarding your present relationships.
VIRGO: Your external environment has little impact as you focus quietly on your deep, emotional drives. You may go on a spending spree and burn a hole in your pocket. Be careful of how you spend your money.
LIBRA: You make efforts to get good and pleasing results in both family equations and your social interactions with friends .You are drawing everyone closer into a circle of warmth and caring and you do it with charm and tact.
SCORPIO: You shall be fore seeing a substantial rise in income, which shall make you tend to spend more.You are in charge of this situation and it’s best to simply let it pass you by, to be solved at a later time.
SAGITTARIUS: It’s a really good opportunity to make some headway in an ambition or long-term goal, even if you’re still only at the planning stage.Lovers need open discussion at this time to define boundaries and the depths of the commitment shared.
CAPRICORN: It is hard to be decisive when you feel pulled by realism on the one hand and romantic fantasy on the other.Your desire for a deep relationship sends off all the right vibes, and an attractive soul is in your midst.
AQUARIUS: You shall do a lot of dreaming and shall try to create new openings for you. Try to plan ahead realistically and you shall see a successful period ahead.The passion lingers, yet the romantic inspiration is lacking. You’re still up for a sensual tumble but will put your emotional expectations on hold.
PISCES: Today you shall find a peaceful activity to pass the hours. Romance and creative dreams have your hopes soaring one moment, then highlight your present insecurities the next. Chatty, lighthearted fun with friends in a casual setting will provide peace and relaxation.