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24th January 2018

ARIES: Turn over a new leaf in health matters as stars encourages good habits today… but this time, stick with it! It is so easy for you to get started and then slack off after a day or two. This time, commit yourself to a lifestyle change. Put down those cigarettes, put on your walking shoes and say hello to a healthier you.
TAURUS: The early part of the day may be focused on the mysteries of life but stars are putting you in the mood for a little fun tonight. Get together with like-minded friends and blow off some steam this evening. Find something fresh and interesting to break up the routine.
GEMINI: Enjoy the afternoon relaxing at home, you have been under tremendous stress and pressure recently and now it is time to just count your many blessings. Sure, your family isn’t perfect, but no one is… overlook the petty details and embrace the love you have been given.
CANCER: Share your ideas with your friends and associates, who are likely to be very supportive at this time. You can feel very good about yourself under these influences, and your energy can be especially high. Exercise can be more fun than usual, so don’t hesitate to go for a walk or jog.
LEO: Health and employment issues come to the surface ; this may be a good day to rethink your position at work or to schedule a check up with your physician. It may be that stress is taking a toll on you, so be sure to get plenty of sleep and moderate exercise. At the change of seasons, you will need your strength!
VIRGO: Stars encourage you to spend more time with your partner, so make room in your life for closeness, but you’ll need to pay attention to your own emotional responses if you want these changes to be positive.
LIBRA: Freedom and responsibility may be issues, but the overall energy is quite favourable. Stars are creating friction and delusion in your f home and family. Compromise is in order, so keep a cool head and try to be objective.
SCORPIO: You may suddenly know the answer to a question that has been nagging at you lately, as stars give rise to insight. The urge to give away all your possessions and live as a monk may cross your mind, but if you have been denying yourself pleasure for too long, you may have the desire to swim in a sea of gratification.
SAGITTARIUS: The strongest foundation for a relationship is good communication skills. Discuss important matters with care and make plans only when the details are clear. You’ll have good ideas for making improvements in the local area and may feel the urge to publish.
CAPRICORN: Keep an open mind. Everything you go through can be a learning experience, if you’re willing to examine each situation closely. Stars are active now too, so something remarkable is sure to emerge from back behind the scenes.
AQUARIUS: You may feel quite passionate about your finances or other values today, making you more likely to take offence at those with differing values. Remember that everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and people will spend their own money as they see fit.
PISCES: People will be listening to you today, the important thing is to walk the walk, but sometimes you have to sell yourself, too. Go ahead and express your views, share your experiences and listen to what others have to say.