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24th February 2020

ARIES: Others give you the space to come to your important conclusions today.Your intuition can back you up today, particularly when making life path or career-related decisions, as you seem to have your finger on the pulse of what others currently want.
TAURUS: It’s a good time for competitive play and doing something you enjoy. You find it easier to accept new ideas and explore new subjects or directions today and tomorrow.
GEMINI: You can feel quite motivated to come out ahead, to triumph, or to accomplish something, and a relationship or mystery can draw you in. It can be exciting to find something to completely absorb your attention now.
CANCER: You are particularly resourceful today, and you’re quick to pick up on inspiration or gain motivation. A partner or special someone can help stir up your enthusiasm and build your confidence.
LEO: There can be a competitive or demanding feel to your schedule, but you seem to thrive on this kind of energy at the moment. You’re motivated to do your best, excel, and advance. You might act on an impulse or make a quick and possibly daring decision.
VIRGO: You’ll find it easy to go your own way today, but also to agree and get along. Today and tomorrow are wonderful for insights into your relationships. You might arrive at good, solid strategies for better dealing with your life and the important people in it.
LIBRA: You can be especially motivated and energized mentally today, dear Libra. You’re confident that you can take on a challenge, and ideas for work or health are especially fertile today and tomorrow, even if they’re not yet fully formed.
SCORPIO: There can be much excitement and passion about a personal interest or a competitive situation that motivates you. You want to come out a winner today, and you’re enthusiastic about what you’re creating or thinking up.
SAGITTARIUS: You can be determined to solve problems, and while you are perfectly capable of getting things done on your own, enlisting the help of family can be helpful. Or, you might take action to make your life more secure.
CAPRICORN: While you’re happy with others and cooperation is easy, you’re far less dependent on others’ approval, and this frees you up in wonderful ways this week. You could be excited to beat a personal best-you want to improve and advance.
AQUARIUS: There can be a strong urge with you today to do something out of the ordinary. There is also good energy with you for taking a look at your finances. You have a stronger sense of what’s possible, and your confidence builds as a result.
PISCES: You are seeing your capabilities for what they are, rather than over or under-estimating them, and this is empowering. It’s natural for you to do your thing or go your own way without opposition or interference right now, but cooperation also comes easily, and people seem supportive.