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24th August 2019

ARIES: You may find that your personal desires or goals come into conflict with the plans of a friend or family member. You might have to compromise if you’re to avoid stepping on toes. Find a balance that works for you. In other areas of life, this is a good time to indulge a little and enjoy relaxation.
TAURUS: You could feel a little isolated today as your philosophical views help you realise the true meaning of life. Don’t get too caught up with these things and keep life practical as well. You can be excited and obsessive about relationships and also obsessed now.
GEMINI: Work versus and relationships are playing on your mind today, and you’re wondering which way to turn. Withdrawing from work for a while will help in with your decision. Your professional life could be in danger if you dig in your heels and don’t choose to ‘play with the other kids in the playground’ on their terms.
CANCER: Become acutely aware of your finances, as an oversight now can lead you into problems. If you’re careful enough, however, things should go smoothly. This period will also present you with something exciting if you’re alert enough to recognize and seize the opportunity.
LEO: You have to express yourself much more clearly when demanding your needs be met. Work-related issues could get confused if you don’t say what’s on your mind. You don’t want to get involved in community fighting or a dispute on the home front but that may be unavoidable.
VIRGO: If you can no longer see the big picture it could be because you are so focused on just one aspect over and above everything else. Broaden your horizons and invite opinions that will give you deeper insights. You need someone unfriendly noticed today especially if they have inadvertently insulted you.
LIBRA: You may need to wait a while before getting seriously involved with someone. You have problems letting go of past relationships. Expect sexual intensity today. Your profits are definitely up and you can look forward to an increase in income, particularly your salary if it’s been a while coming.
SCORPIO: You could be feeling a little tired and once again you need to take care of your health and build up your resistance. You’re living life in the fast lane. Your emotions could be all topsy-turvy at the moment and dwelling on one aspect of a problem is stopping you from seeing the bigger picture more clearly.
SAGITTARIUS: You may feel as though you’re being ignored by the people closest to you, but you probably haven’t noticed they have issues, too. Try to be more compassionate just now. Money is at the forefront of your mind at the moment, and you may be wondering if you could have handled it better recently.
CAPRICORN: Good news on the grapevine can be expected soon. You will be increasing your personal and professional efforts throughout these few days, so try to get even greater clarity to an employer or mentor who can help you fast-track your career.
AQUARIUS: You have a high degree of romantic idealism of the month draws to a close. Take the time to show your affection to that special person in your life and take the phone off the hook so that you are not disturbed. There’s nothing worse than interruptions when you are trying to develop personal intimacy.
PISCES: Listen carefully to what’s being said around you; although however, the lines of communication could contain a lot of static, literally and figuratively. Don’t spend an undue amount of time on situations or people that aren’t going to be around much longer.