Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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24th April 2019

ARIES: Don’t waste your time on things that don’t really matter to you. You’re tried the rest, now the intuition urges you to try the best. Generous Venus helps your mood around people who know what they’re doing.
TAURUS: Life is too short to exclude anyone from your life. Go ahead and sweep the world up into your arms with a vast, dramatic gesture. No matter what action you decide to take, you can probably expect only positive feedback.
GEMINI: If you want to get anywhere, you’ll leave the grand gestures and speeches at home. You have a much better chance of getting what you want if you stop being so theatrical. If you could put all that passion and courage to a practical use, you’d be unbeatable!
CANCER: Pay particular attention to your friendships and partnerships today, because the more you put into them the more you’ll get out of them. You may simply realize all over again how grateful you are to have certain people in your life, in which case it’s a wonderful opportunity to tell them.
LEO: Not only do you have an idea, but you also know how to execute it. You suddenly have the power and the desire to make dreams come true, whether they’re yours, or someone else’s. Listen to those close, who will have wise advice.
VIRGO: You’re feeling a bit jumpy these days and there are people who may take advantage of this. Escape feels like the best option, but you’ll give up a lot if you do so. Those who return must stand at the back of the line with the other newcomers.
LIBRA: The more you rush, the better the odds you’ll have to do it all over again: take your time and do the job correctly in the first place. It may take longer than you had hoped, but you’ll be rewarded at the end of the day. Relax and let someone special have a calming force on your reckless and manic mood.
SCORPIO: A slow, steady pace is perfectly fine for the time being. As far as you’re concerned, you’ll be perfectly happy to take what the universe has to offer instead of grabbing it by force.
SAGITTARIUS: You know what you want and you know how to get it: people who lust after money or romance may be in for a windfall. Friends that expect you to entertain them certainly won’t be disappointed, either.
CAPRICORN: Make a conscious decision to think of things in a more positive light. You wake up to a special day although it may not seem that way at first. Each passing hour strips away another layer of doubt, leaving you totally fancy free by evening.
AQUARIUS: It’s a good time to attend to the gritty details and put your financial house in order. There are some difficult aspects today, particularly affecting your relationships, so do not let money become an issue.
PISCES: Your personal magnetism is exceptionally strong. Your powers of persuasion should help you get what you want today, so don’t be afraid to turn on the charm. Any left over difficulties from yesterday can be easily smoothed over with your calm, cool touch.