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24 August 2020

ARIES: . You can be feeling an intense desire to press forward, but obstacles seem to appear as you do. Try not to react to blockages with impatience, as it’s not going to support your cause. Aim to pick yourself back up and strengthen your plans and yourself.

TAURUS: Stress is possible about past events, but this may only be a bump in the road, and it may get your to slow down to make important changes. Energies may not be as free-flowing as you’d like, but as the day advances, you feel increasingly less blocked.

GEMINI: Difficulties with trust and power dynamics that have been festering might now emerge in challenging ways. Bottled up anger can challenge your health and well-being while exploding can be destructive as well. Aim for moderation, and you’ll be in the best place.

CANCER: There can be difficulties with a partner or superior today, or you may feel that you’re misunderstood or blocked from pursuing your goals or asserting your wishes. Watch for defensiveness, which won’t serve you well. Try not to waste too much time on anger.

LEO: You may be dealing with stubbornness in others or blocked plans, but keep in mind that the harder you push or the stronger you come on, the more resistance you’re likely to encounter today. Try not to waste time and energy on things that can’t be changed. Aim instead to concentrate on improving your connections.

VIRGO: There may be some off-timing or inhibitions that prevent a smooth flow of affection and direct assertion. It’s not an ideal time to release anger, but do consider whether you’ve been holding on to frustrations to your detriment. Concentrate on things that are working for you and wait for a better day to take on a challenge for best results.

LIBRA: There can be stop-and-go energy in your relationships, and interactions may suffer from poor timing or the sense that others are disapproving or disinterested. You may feel blocked, either by others or by circumstances, and this can be frustrating.

SCORPIO: An aggressive or impatient approach to a work project or health program may need some adjustments. There may be blocks in communication, such as mechanical breakdowns or misunderstandings, that interfere with the flow. If you move beyond reasonable boundaries, then aim to do so gradually.

SAGITTARIUS: You’ve been more confidently pursuing fun and games recently, and today, you might come to a roadblock, and quite possibly a financial limitation. Or, worries and concerns put a damper on your mood. You may be fearful of change on a basic security level, yet attracted to taking some risks, which poses a dilemma now.

CAPRICORN: You may be feeling off-center and a tad unyielding. Plans for enjoyment may fall through, or they’re rescheduled. You might dig in your heels, especially if others are insensitive or pushing and rushing you. A slow and moderate approach is favored now. With patience and determination, you can be productive today, particularly if your goal is to work through details.

AQUARIUS: Your ability to take criticism may be tested, or you could be wrestling with your inner critic. If so, detach yourself and take breaks to help manage potential frustrations better. Instead, you might need to deal with communication or transportation delays, but while they appear to set you back, they could point you in the right direction.

PISCES: Tension and blockages are likely to revolve around your social life or finances, or there can be a conflict between sticking with tried-and-true methods and going out on a limb. You may disagree with someone about core values or whether they’re valuing you in crucial ways.