Wednesday, July 28, 2021
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23rd September 2019

ARIES: It’s a good time for partnering, counseling, and connecting. Your social life may very well light up, particularly with both Mercury and Venus also in the same area of your solar chart. You more readily sense others’ needs, making this a more considerate, compromising cycle.
TAURUS: Today is favorable for bringing more harmony to your working environment or daily life. There may even be social opportunities arising as you pursue your work, health, and self-care goals or simply more enjoyment of these things.
GEMINI: It can be a fun and playful time for you, and you’re more willing to go out on a limb to enjoy yourself or express your feelings. You might enjoy happy events related to creative, romantic, or recreational pastimes.
CANCER: It’s a favorable time for reconnecting with your roots, building your inner well, and taking charge of your family life. You’re focusing on long-term security! Building up inner strength and nurturing the self as well as loved ones are in the spotlight in the coming weeks.
LEO: You’re interested in quick results, you’re putting out your feelers for new ideas, or you have many different projects going at once in the month ahead. You are curious, interested in others, and eager to learn new things. While this is a busy time for making connections, maintaining continuity can require extra effort right now.
VIRGO: Today is likely to be quite warm and friendly, particularly on the home front. Entertaining in the home or dealings with family, home-related business, and creative matters are favored. Activities that soothe, comfort, and boost your confidence can be in focus, and attracting the right resources can be straightforward.
LIBRA: People notice you more than usual. Aim to make good impressions and project yourself with confidence and positivity. Now’s the time for some healthy self-focus. Your natural charm emerges for everyone to see today.
SCORPIO: You’re now in a healthy cycle for regrouping and renewing yourself. You’re likely to relish some time to yourself for dreaming, resting, and healing. It’s a fertile period for exploring your inner world.
SAGITTARIUS: Friendships come into sharper focus over the coming weeks, and the need to feel part of a group or team, or to enjoy the company of friends, increases. This can be a time of a stronger need to latch onto dreams and plans for the future and to create meaningful goals.
CAPRICORN: The weeks ahead are active for recognizing and honoring your goals and ambitions. Your attention turns to professional matters, objectives, material or social success, and your reputation. Your instincts for advancement are excellent now, and others are noticing you for what you do or how you perform.
AQUARIUS: It’s an excellent time for picking up or advancing personal interests or studies–it’s a time for seeking and exploring. You’re more able to see beyond the boundaries and limits you typically enforce (or that are enforced) on your life.
PISCES: Your private world assumes more importance, and you take particular notice of the hidden layers of circumstances and people around you. It can be an excellent period for focus, concentration, and an increased feeling of mission, passion, or purpose.