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23rd October 2018

ARIES: Financially, you’ll exercise plenty of initiative. You shall receive love and respect from the people you care about . A meeting with your beloved towards evening is likely to be full of fireworks.
TAURUS: Your stars are favouring you and you have lucky and fruitful day ahead of you. You shall derive rewards for your efforts. Always fair-minded you are willing to listen.
GEMINI: You may be left smarting inside because of someone’s insensitive remark, but news about a travel opportunity should please you very much. An influential contact opens the doors for your career now.
CANCER: Social gathering shall be a source of enjoyment. You shall have the support of the people around you. The desire to rekindle new magic in your love life is likely surface.
LEO: If unmarried you shall develop a really intimate relationship with someone whom you would have met recently. You shall develop a strong emotional bond which you will not understand why you have. If married your closeness and understanding shall improve.
VIRGO: A prolonged financial proposal makes you quite uncomfortable. You may feel overenthusiastic but don’t take on more than you can handle. Avoid taking unnecessary risks in your desire to win a favour from someone influential.
LIBRA: Relationships with parents and elderly persons will become much better than in the recent past.Take extra precautions as you may get an infection,Citreous fruits and fresh air shall help you stay healthy.
SCORPIO: You may find obstacles and relationship problems But once the clouds will start to clear up you will quickly make up the loss. You will be more open and will feel much happier also. Your own health should be attended to and that of your family as well.
SAGITTARIUS: Make sure there are enough resources to meet your needs, and avoid serious arguments. In romance, you may be in danger of expecting too much from your mate.
CAPRICORN: This is a great day for family matters as well as financial interests. You may need to re-evaluate some processes that aren’t producing results. You could have mixed feelings about someone whom you share your many interests with.
AQUARIUS: This could be a day for self-discovery! You can realise greater potentials, but flexibility in your dealings will play a key part in achieving an important milestone. Travel plans are indicated.
PISCES: It’s an excellent time for catching up on communications. Don’t be too hard on yourself regarding some emotional issues. Discuss common interests and new ideas will emerge.