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23rd November 2019

ARIES: You are able to work out difficulties in your relationships now. Deep and protracted discussions are likely. Healing and resolution of particular issues can begin by opening your heart to giving and receiving more love and acceptance in a relationship now.
TAURUS: You are fighting the inevitable changes in your life. You know that you may need to step out of the situation for your own benefit but this may take time before accepting them on face value. It is a good time to wear that weird outfit you have had stashed away.
GEMINI: Your warmth and sociability win you, new friends, now. If you’re attached, you may have to deal with moments of envy and possessiveness. A friendship may develop into a mutually beneficial business arrangement. If you’re not in business, then you’ll help each other in some way.
CANCER: You may feel that you are being pushed to do something you do not want to do or to go faster than is comfortable for you. This relates specifically to financial matters. This is all about concentrating your efforts and becoming more efficient and effective.
LEO: Communications can be very intense now. This is not a time for small talk or beating around the bush. It’s time to deal with essentials and to push past politeness and get straight to the point. Manipulation and secrecy are in the air, whether done by you or by others.
VIRGO: Your instincts are sharp and business affairs are off to a good start. Continue to work hard for what you want. There are places you’d like to go today but work commitments won’t allow it right now. This could create frustration as a result.
LIBRA: Only dead fish go with the flow”. It’s not so much a matter of throwing the towel in when the planets get tough, as lifting your ball game and so that you can move obstructions in your path. If you feel like you’re fighting a losing battle today, take heed that there will ultimately be a good outcome.
SCORPIO: You are full of new and inventive ideas. You could also be feeling restless and less than co-operative. You have little patience with the old routine. You want to get out and try new things to keep you stimulated.
SAGITTARIUS: You are adventurous and want to get out and about. Make sure your destination is going to be something that affords you some spiritual insight, not just fun and sightseeing. You could be inundated with work, particularly paperwork.
CAPRICORN: How far can your fearful suspicions get you? You feel something isn’t right. You need to address issues immediately and have no fear of confronting people responsible for wrongdoing. Extra debts make life a little difficult but with transiting your eighth house you can come up with forceful yet ingenious ways to circumvent further expenses and do so in consultation with someone you trust.
AQUARIUS: You’ll feel better about your working relationships over the next day or so. You’re completely in tune with your surroundings and the people you generally hang out with. There may, however, be some mistrust surrounding one person in particular.
PISCES: You may be unaware that you are indulging in things that are not good for you. You need to raise your awareness to see what is having a negative impact on you. You will need consensus across the board on a project you are working on before giving it a stamp of approval.