23rd May 2018


ARIES: Today you can relax and see the developments in your life progress. Carrying out some obligations may require you to make more than a few adjustments. A celebration with a close companion later today is definitely in the Stars.
TAURUS: There may be too many activities in your life and you may wonder why you have no control over your destiny! do not worry, try to maintain a patient attitude and soon you will find that life is back to its normal routine. Believe in yourself, and you will be rewarded for your efforts.
GEMINI: Prepare for endings or separations with people from the past. Those you’ve known may go through a dramatic reversal or change that sends them on a different path.
CANCER: This is a time when general worries are likely to stunt your progress. An event stirs up confrontations and disagreements. You’re eager to get out and see other people – so just do it. An opportunity where you will have to get in and out quickly provides you with a dilemma.
LEO: You will have established a new base or foundation for your emotional life and will be fighting hard to not only protect it but also to build or shape it in some way by dint of your own effort.
VIRGO: Preparation for an upcoming celebration or party could keep you busy. Chemistry between you and your sweetheart bubbles, as the need to experiment rises.
LIBRA: The external world is simply not flowing with your internal desires, so tensions escalate. Pressures in your professional life take their toll and you seek ways to alter the present confines to one of action, excitement and less of the mundane.A relationship that makes you feel restless and confined finds some level of closure.
SCORPIO: Work-wise, you may not be ready to give as much as you receive. You could put off a decision for a while, as you want more information for further back up.
SAGITTARIUS: In romance, slow down the pace as the chances of falling are high.Your demands may present a challenge to your sweetheart about what to do next.
CAPRICORN: You shall make time for associates and find assurance of success. Destiny is with you and there will be a peculiar sense of optimism within you. Those around you may also be affected by your positive thinking. Do push forward with charm and use your persuasive power to the maximum.
AQUARIUS: You are truly grateful and appreciative of all you’ve got going for you.You’ve finally come into a phase when all is well with your little world financially.
PISCES: Family is important to you and let this fact bypass all other assumptions. Love and romance may be on your mind and romance takes a refreshing turn towards a more fulfilling relationship.