23rd March 2020


ARIES: Things are heating up for you regarding responsibilities, leadership, or career, dear Aries. You can be quite masterful in a leadership role now, and it’s a powerful time for making your mark and going after your goals with gusto.
TAURUS: You might discover or develop a personal interest or course of study with this energy. It’s a fine time for promotion, teaching, learning, guiding, and advancing your skills or knowledge. While this can be a strong time for getting an answer, things can get heated and intense pretty quickly, making it important to be mindful of where you put your energy.
GEMINI: If you’ve been frustrated with a situation, it may reach a head, and you’ll want to do something about it, particularly if you’ve been over-attached. You may decide to commit to a lifestyle change based on current circumstances in your life. Financial pressures are possible now, but it’s also a strong time for identifying areas that can change.
CANCER: Tensions that have been brewing can now emerge and demand attention or action. Avoidance doesn’t seem to be an option right now! Frustrations and difficulties can escalate quickly, mainly because the mood is complex. Aim to be strong within yourself so that you can project this strength outward, as people around you could be trying to be more forceful and assertive than you.
LEO: Changes are essential, and while tension can run high, this can help push you to new heights. The determination to meet or beat a goal is strong, perhaps to obsessive levels! You might decide to eliminate habits in your routine that are counter-productive so that you can focus on those that serve your greater goals. Watch for power struggles with others, as the general atmosphere today inclines people to extremes in their attempts to gain some control over their own lives.
VIRGO: You can become very single-minded now, and if you channel this well, you can move mountains. Where extremes are not appropriate and possibly destructive, it’s best to avoid them. However, concentrating on making improvements can be fabulous now, and you may have the chance to zero in on a problem or perplexing matter. Obsessive thinking is not going to do much more than stress you out.
LIBRA: Avoid the pitfall of expecting immediate changes and results. Aim to start working on problem areas now, and avoid going head to head with people over surface issues, as this will get you nowhere. Patience and deliberate action will reward you. Putting in the effort towards something productive, however big or small, is what satisfies today.
SCORPIO: You can find yourself thoroughly absorbed in a pet project or with studies and ideas, and ambitiously chasing a goal-this is the powerful benefit of this combination. Your powers of persuasion are even stronger than usual. As the day advances, you’re gravitating to activities that entertain and offer you a hearty challenge.
SAGITTARIUS: Tensions can lead you to a decision or a significant change. You have a stronger sense of what truly matters, and you’re better at parting with those things you no longer need. There may be some power struggles with others if you feel undervalued, however. If you’re getting frustrated too quickly, consider that gaining more control over your life and your material resources may be at the root, since you don’t want to feel at anyone’s mercy.
CAPRICORN: You might embrace your desire to go after what you want and find it empowering to do so. It’s a day for having a huge say in what others think of you since the power to shape your image is strong. You can get amazing results from working on self-improvement and self-control now.
AQUARIUS: Self-honesty is essential to manage your emotions and move forward feeling refreshed and purged. If you find yourself obsessing over past mistakes or otherwise attracted to things that you know have the power to bring you down, try to pull yourself out of it. The focus now should be on letting go and releasing rather than building up more frustrations and resentments.
PISCES: Something in your life needs an overhaul, and the courage is with you to take action. A major project can be all-consuming now. If there’ve been tensions with a friend or competitor, they can most certainly raise now since feelings are complicated. You could be in the position to make changes regarding friendship.