23rd July 2018


ARIES: In your desire to express yourself to a delightful romantic interest, make sure you don’t allow your imagination too much free reign, as embellished fantasies can sometimes fall to earth with a jolt!
TAURUS: You’ll be able to learn a lot if you keep an open mind and discuss your opinions with more enlightened individuals. It’s a truly fortunate period ahead. A romantic connection could be made via a friend: it may also have something to do with last night…
GEMINI: You know what’s right and you won’t stand for anything that falls short of your expectations. You will be able to accomplish a lot today, especially if a neighbour drops in, or you hear from a sibling. Lucky for you, you’re engaging and playful and can get away with almost anything when you’re like this!
CANCER: Today,stars are urging you to spend time with neighbours and siblings, but the emotional temperature doesn’t favour religious gatherings. Let yourself have fun for a change. Your relationship with your partner, best friend or spouse needs a boost, so find something uplifting to do together.
LEO: You are in a dissatisfied mood, and are just spoiling for a fight today. However, be warned that this could backfire on you unpleasantly, especially if you take on superiors at work. At home, everyone is used to your behaviour and they generally make allowances for you, as they will today.
VIRGO: You need to push away the negativity others put on you – often they’re just jealous. Put your ideas on the table and don’t be afraid to ask for help to accomplish your goals. This is not the time to question your intuitive feelings: trust your hunches and make things happen. Do not be afraid of change. Welcome it into your life.
LIBRA: Over confidence and superior feelings may lead you to make jokes at other people’s expense. Be careful, because your words may really hurt someone close to you and you can never take them back. It’s a great time to reassess your life. Try something new today and allow your imagination to soar!
SCORPIO: You’ll be colourful, engaging and witty today. There are many things to attend to, however you need to focus on your immediate goals if you are to achieve anything
SAGITTARIUS: Discussions with trusted others will be a strong source of support today. Be realistic about your emotional needs and expectations, then it’s easy to express what will make you happiest in the long term. Be wary of jumping to conclusions regarding people’s opinions of you, and try not to be negative about their comments or feedback
CAPRICORN: Don’t worry about what others think, just do what you know is right. Don’t be too eager to pay for others or bail them out of trouble – you can’t take responsibility for others all the time. Find out if they are worthy of your help and don’t let yourself be taken for granted.
AQUARIUS: Watch and see if anyone’s trying subtly or otherwise to manipulate you or get their fingers into any pie of yours. If they are, resist it with equal subtlety but don’t play the game too long. Deep thoughts or feelings will occupy your consciousness.
PISCES: You’re in line for a small windfall today, but this could be offset by an unexpected expense caused by a close relative. You can gain a lot of happiness through your immediate family, if you don’t worry so much. There may be a small emergency later in the day,but the outcome should be fine. Avoid speculation in all forms.