Wednesday, April 21, 2021
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23rd February 2020

ARIES: Mars dominates your affairs at present. Be careful of hasty decisions, especially regarding your work. Listing the pros and cons of your situation will help you make sense of your current circumstances. Try to absorb the input of others to gain clarity and do a better job all round.
TAURUS: As the Sun transits your 11th house, it’s important to make friends with your family. It’s time to overcome disagreements and pull your tribe together. You need greater cooperation. You could find yourself trapped in a situation where you have little choice.
GEMINI: While the Sun transits the upper part of your horoscope, it’s a really great time to go for that sought after promotion. The challenge is, wanting more quality time with your family as well. Life is about decisions and how you balance contradictory elements.
CANCER: The Moon, Jupiter and Pluto exert pressure on your relationships. Power plays are likely. By the same token, a deepening of commitment, or a closer union, will manifest now. You have to be prepared to break through to deeper feelings and desires.
LEO: The Moon and Mars transit your sixth house of service and routine. Workplace disputes caused by interference from outside influences occur. Keep your personal and work problems distinctly separate during this period. Don’t bring your work home with you.
VIRGO: You are motivated to exercise and compete at a high level now. As if you have a burst of energy and initiative that really get things going. You must, however, use good judgment and ease yourself into a demanding physical regime. Tension can be channelled along these lines.
LIBRA: At this time, you may need to give your loved ones room to breathe. You may be inadvertently smothering someone, even though your love is coming from the right space. You might also need to give yourself some love. Balance in your love relationships becomes necessary.
SCORPIO: You are mentally stimulated and excited with Mars transiting your third house. Feelings and emotional issues should never be mixed up with called rational thinking. That’s when your decisions are likely to be activated by impulse, rather than good judgement.
SAGITTARIUS: With Mars in your second house of finance, you are keenly interested in capitalising on your core competencies. Money seems to be the name of the game and you will exert yourself to stack some cash. Any benefits received will be directly connected to your urge to be assertive and successful in using these abilities.
CAPRICORN: You are very much tuned into activating your higher wisdom. You are keen to understand people from a different perspective. You realise that what has happened to you is no accident and are intrigued by some of the people you meet on your journey.
AQUARIUS: Your 12th house is strong now. This means your sense of charity and compassion comes to the fore. You may also have to compromise some personal needs, in favour of giving someone else a leg up. That won’t bother you, but don’t ignore your responsibilities in the process.
PISCES: An inner feeling of restlessness causes you to break a few rules. “Without deviation, there is no progress”. You might create a crisis situation to give you a reason to act on your desire for independence and freedom. You figure that anything is better than boredom and monotony.