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23rd December 2019

ARIES: Today, you may wrestle with a bit of doubt. The temptation to agree with others is strong now but could lead to misrepresentation or problems later. Alternatively, if someone seems to be undermining you, know that it stems from their insecurities, and perhaps they’re trying to get a rise out of you only to feed their own need for attention.
TAURUS: You may be feeling very passionate about something now. In the coming month, you are more adventurous than usual in your quest for experience and learning. Stress levels are lower, likely because you are more interested in the broader picture than you are concerned about the details.
GEMINI: It’s not an ideal day for bold actions and sweeping decisions or statements. Keeping a low profile until you sort things out is probably for the best. You are aware of so many choices and possibilities that making a decision is almost painful. There can be new information or sudden awareness later today or tomorrow that awakens all sorts of needs in you, and it’s a positive feeling.
CANCER: There is likely to be some level of confusion, perhaps mostly inside you. It’s all expected to lead to something very positive, but it can throw you off temporarily. You will be less hesitant and more determined as the day progresses.
LEO: You could be extra sensitive to your surroundings and to what people say. While you sense a need for changes and improvements, a solid plan can elude you. Despite all of this, things are certainly looking up. Towards the end of the day and into tomorrow, it’s time to start pushing boundaries.
VIRGO: Mixing business and pleasure may not be wise at the moment. Even if doubts are with you, however, allowing yourself to break the routine and to be a little adventurous can help you to overcome some of your fears. If you keep yourself in a rut, self-doubt and hesitance can have you feeling off your game temporarily.
LIBRA: Tonight and tomorrow, you are likely to come up with some innovative ideas, particularly when it comes to family and home matters. Intimate matters are likely to be healthy, although some discomfort or insecurity may be involved in the process of moving forward.
SCORPIO: You may need to deal with some doubt before pressing forward. Just for now, it can be hard to make sense of the signals you’re receiving from others. Do what you can to muster up not only patience but trust that things will right themselves with just a little time.
SAGITTARIUS: Today, though, there can be some confusion over boundaries or differences in values that can be frustrating. Solutions seem out of reach, or you’re just too tired to think of them. New insights into your career path, money, and resources or a work project can emerge later today or tomorrow, and these can truly propel you forward.
CAPRICORN: Changes are in the works, and they’re very positive ones, but tend to create some level of confusion at the outset. You might be especially sensitive about family or personal matters today, or you could find that something triggers your vulnerabilities and sets you a little off track.
AQUARIUS: Communications can quickly go awry as they are misunderstood at times today, however, and it’s best to avoid scheduling important meetings or discussions now. It may be best to save it for a better day when lines aren’t crossing.
PISCES: Tonight and tomorrow can be empowering. It’s a strong time for new visions and possibilities. There may very well be a new avenue of communication that opens up with someone special, but don’t let insecurities or uncertainty interfere with grabbing this opportunity.