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23rd August 2019

ARIES: This is a time when you will be able to let go of things, and you will find great reward in doing so. No sooner than you’ve stopped clinging tightly to emotional attachments, you’ll find yourself free and bubbling with new ideas and energy, as well as a refreshing and joyous sense of liberation.
TAURUS: You could feel stabbed in the back at present and loyalty will be a keyword that is uppermost in your mind. You need to sift out the genuine from the fake. Excellent aspects for transmitting your ideas, writing letters and attending job interviews take place.
GEMINI: Key issues now are your home, personal life, and closest emotional relationships. You feel more quiet and reflective, and you feel a need to be closer to home and loved ones. You can draw a lot of strength and satisfaction from your family and roots now.
CANCER: Don’t mess about with your health. Seek a specialist in healthcare to address a problem that concerns you today. You could feel mentally slow in the company of people who are showy or intellectual in style. Silence is golden under these circumstances.
LEO: Friendships are warm, open, and loving. Your mood is expansive and open, and you may overdo in some way – overspend, overeat, or commit yourself to something you really don’t have the resources for. You may be feeling restless today and think that everyone else is out of step in your world.
VIRGO: Close ties and those in positions of authority can be of assistance during the next few days. There is the possibility of renewed emotional feelings as you develop a bond with a new person. Unusual happenings bring pleasant surprises and novel solutions to a problem that have been causing grief.
LIBRA: Even if you’ve received a bonus, you may find yourself playing catch up with the bills. Try to curtail your spending habits and get back to a workable budget. You may feel grateful for the friendships that you have at present.
SCORPIO: Whatever you do, don’t disregard the feelings of your partner when it comes to your choice of friends. That may be suspicions which you need to alleviate. An ignorant and cowardly from someone leaves you high and dry but also makes you much stronger.
SAGITTARIUS: You’re hungry for new things, and design could be on the cards. Allow your mind to wander and explore new hobbies and activities. Balance the inner and the outer, but make sure that what you are aspiring to is practical. Don’t go to extremes; follow the middle path.
CAPRICORN: Make a move away from those who wish to control your life and the people in it. You become addicted to users and victims. You can see this now. This is the perfect time to seek out people and places you’ve never been exposed to or experienced before.
AQUARIUS: You can finally decide on a course of action regarding someone. You want to implement some changes but so far haven’t had the will to do so. Now is the time. Doing battle is not the way to resolve your issues. You need to be diplomatic in sorting out problems with co-workers.
PISCES: Your creative communication skills can be very effective now. You can express yourself with poetry and imagination. This vision is admirable but may have to be backed up with real facts. Ask others to do the same. Taking a gamble and a friend could pay off now but of course, you need to trust that friend.