Thursday, April 15, 2021
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23rd August 2018

ARIES: Today you shall be in a position to both commands and demand your due recognition, rewards, respect glorious R’s, all of them! A very good relationship shall develop between the two of you Domestic happiness is indicated for you
TAURUS: Information, ideas, opinions will be exchanged with like-minded people who share your interest. A passionate affair, if you’re single, or passion and intensity in marriage, if you’re already in a state of wedded bliss! You will experience it, and understand
GEMINI: Although you can make serious progress today, especially at work and with older, steadier types, sudden or unexpected developments arise. These could work in your favour if you’re prepared to go with the flow.
CANCER: New ideas and methods enable you to increase efficiency, Your ideas become realized, theories are given physical application or travel appears on your agenda in the future because of an advantage you gain now.
LEO: Take care when travelling during the early part of the day. Avoid arguments with those who aren’t prepared to see another’s point of view. It’s a nice day for romantic attractions between friends.
VIRGO: Be as cooperative as possible and make a special effort to help others. Even your rivals can be counted! Do something special for your beloved and try to get some time together tonight to rekindle the romance.
LIBRA: Setting new plans or activities in motion with regard to your home life. Take up a new broom and turn over a new leaf with your domestic habits. Make a new start regarding family relationships and the amount of attention that you give to those you love and live with.
SCORPIO: There’s not much to be gained by taking any form of precipitous action. I know this goes against your grain, but the best way to deal with the ups and downs today is to maintain a steady course, especially with regard to work and relationships with colleagues.
SAGITTARIUS: Don’t push things today. People might be wanting more than you are willing to give. You yourself might not know when to stop. Negotiation is the key to problems with relationships whether they are intimate ones or simply business ones. Be careful with money. Don’t spend more than you can pay for down the track.
CAPRICORN: Today you’ll have to be on your toes all day. Whether it’s work or responsibilities related to the home, keep up with what needs doing. Older people or people in authority, especially women, figure prominently. Step up and meet the demands.
AQUARIUS: The day could be an intense one as today you may be feeling moody or preoccupied. Difficult people or obstacles must be dealt with, while there’s a heaviness in the air that weighs upon you.
PISCES: Today you can expect a few ups and downs. There might be disputes, excitement and over-reaction, especially where communications are concerned. Just ride out the bumps and don’t get stressed.