Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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23rd April 2019

ARIES: The more you open your heart, and the more you accept, the better life gets. Your ability to heal and understand is high, and this may be attracting others to you today. Your unique style shines now, even if you do not mean to attract attention to it.
TAURUS: There can be a trigger or other potent reminder of an open wound — something from your past for which you didn’t receive closure, for example. Self-honesty now can open you up to opportunities to heal. The inner teacher in you emerges, and you have tremendous insight and experience to share with those willing to listen.
GEMINI: Your approach to relationships is fresh and new, and your generosity of spirit and willingness to be vulnerable are the strongest factors in your personal appeal at the moment. You may find that as you seek out emotional satisfaction and wholeness, people in your life, even in your networks, can lead you in the right direction.
CANCER: A humble approach does wonders for your professional life and reputation now, as well. At the same time, your willingness to think outside of the box can be invaluable. You’re bringing something very special and unique to the table, and you may get the opportunity to showcase this a little today.
LEO: Grab any opportunities to make contact and to do something a little off the beaten track as these can encourage interesting ideas. Someone’s unique perspective may inspire you, or you might be the one doing the inspiring!
VIRGO: Emotional honesty is important now, and fortunately, it comes more easily than usual. You are courageous but also very sensitive in the face of new discoveries, even if they seem to touch on a soft spot. In fact, you may be going right for that soft spot since the desire to repair is strong.
LIBRA: You may be helping someone through a difficulty or vice versa. This is a good time to recommit to a healing process, relationship, or improved attitude related to relationships. Also today, you can find many reasons to feel encouraged and positive about the future.
SCORPIO: There can be a new beginning with someone or the chance to start fresh with a positive attitude. Others may be turning to you for help, support, or advice, and you are particularly willing to come to their aid, especially on practical levels or with information.
SAGITTARIUS: If you’re not in the position to spend time with someone, consider expressing yourself through creative outlets. Finding release through fantasy or imaginative undertakings can figure strongly now, as well, and can be quite rewarding.
CAPRICORN: You and perhaps people around you are all the more psychically open, and feelings that may normally be hard to access can emerge with greater ease. You’ll have years, in fact, to explore sensitivities and vulnerabilities on these levels, but today can give you most pleasant hints of it.
AQUARIUS: Talking opens up doors, and in fact, even though there is more sensitivity than usual now, with openness, healing becomes possible and even likely. Today is also excellent for a new beginning of sorts in a relationship or with a learning program or personal interest.
PISCES: You can benefit greatly from natural or earthy activities that renew your connection to the world around you or the world of the five senses, which help heal, cleanse, and renew you. It’s a good idea to try to circulate or follow up on recent contacts.