23rd April 2018


ARIES: Someone may go or there may be a shift of interest in you or those around you. Your interests are sending you in a different direction from the accustomed one. Dealings with children may be tricky, but don’t draw a line in the sand. Adjust your goals. Money may be an issue.
TAURUS: You’re full of the spirit of adventure today, so do something exciting or challenging. Why not try an activity for the first time, or push yourself into achieving something that you would normally never consider.
GEMINI: Take a look at yourself in the mirror over the next few days. Do you like what you see or are you bored with your current image? Maybe it’s about time you had a new look for a new year If the thought of a makeover really appeals, it’s time to hit the shops!
CANCER: Pay particular attention to your friendships and partnerships today, because the more you put into them the more you’ll get out of them. You may simply realize all over again how grateful you are to have certain people in your life, in which case it’s a wonderful opportunity to tell them.
LEO: A friend has some good ideas and they’re very anxious to get you on board. Maybe they’re suggesting a social outing and they want you to come along, or they’re trying to persuade you to go on holiday with them. If you’ve got some spare time you could be interested in joining a course or group that will give you a new perspective on life.
VIRGO: You may find your domestic front disruptive for you normal peace of mind. You may be concerned with home and property matters. If one of your family members is behaving abnormally, be clear about your own opinion regarding this.
LIBRA: You may be preoccupied with responsibilities or obligations, but dealings with authorities or elderly people may take time and attention. There is little time for personal feelings as you work your way through the demands of the day.
SCORPIO: People around you may prove to be difficult and their logic convoluted. Do not get angry or irritated. Stars constellation is such that people are unable to function all their faculties well. This is a phase and will soon pass. In the meanwhile do not create any trouble or create any controversy.
SAGITTARIUS: Matters of co-operation will be first and foremost on the list for consideration. There are demands on your time and you’ll have to be here, there and everywhere for everyone. Don’t bother making any plans….
CAPRICORN: Prepare yourself for what could be a frustrating day when things don’t go the way you want. It may be very difficult to motivate yourself into achieving what you intended to do, perhaps because you simply don’t have the energy or because forces are apparently conspiring against you.
AQUARIUS: Do your best to keep your cool today, otherwise annoying silly things will really get on your nerves. It’s one of those trying days when people are irritating and you’re sorely tempted to say so, but will that achieve anything? Clear the air if you’re really provoked or someone has stepped out of line, but don’t let yourself get worked up over trivial matters.
PISCES: Partners or family members may show a fierce determination today. Try to work in with them and you’ll get the most from the day. Cooperation is the watchword. Bosses or those in authority may step up to the mark and ask you to do more.