23 March 2018


ARIES: You would not be hesitant and recognize the necessity of taking things in your stride and find a long term solution to a nagging problem. The welfare of your near and dear ones will also be high in your agenda.
TAURUS: You are now ready to channel all the inventiveness and the creativity that you are capable of, into charity, social and community welfare.
GEMINI: Today you need to be extra careful and tactful as there may be a lot of people who do not appreciate your intervention. Your health may need special care as your astral signature indicates that you may feel out of sorts.
CANCER: Today you may find a colleague difficult to get along with. A surprise expense arises, but should be worth it. Couples find new depths of understanding.
LEO: You may want to do too many things at the same time so the day is likely to remain hectic. Someone may be evasive and give you unnecessary trouble.
VIRGO: You may be tempted to try out new options while handling financial matters. You’ll receive a lot of suggestions that are useful in various ways you should try out these suggestions.
LIBRA: In work matters, it may be a case of too many cooks spoiling the broth. You can insist on doing your own thing. Your mind is full of practical ideas, so present them for their due recognition.Relationships at home may end up with a mass of conflicting issues. In romance, rumours are flying around that could bother you.
SCORPIO: You shall be in a position to take a new look at your financial needs and your ability to earn.You must be careful as you deal with your near and dear ones. Be extra careful while interacting with your spouse or partner.
SAGITTARIUS: Be careful about what you eat and try to include some rest in your daily agenda. While going about with your newfound confidence, you may be ready for anything and everything.
CAPRICORN: You shall do a lot of dreaming and shall try to create new openings for you. Try to plan ahead realistically and you shall see a successful period ahead.While your head may be filled with thoughts of love, romance could be a testing ground for commitments.
AQUARIUS: You think of ways, means, new techniques/solutions at work, in an effort to streamline work procedures.There is a certain zest for life that you can summon up that helps you do this, and also powers your personal relationships into far greater meaningfulness.
PISCES: Diplomacy provides best results in tricky and sensitive issues, which you find uncomfortable. This can be a great time for shopping for a close one but be careful of extravagance.