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23 July 2020

ARIES: Today and tomorrow are good for clearing up various chores and tasks, as you’re inclined to want to straighten things out. Even with this practical focus, as the day advances, conversations about emotional or personal matters can be most rewarding.

TAURUS: Your mood is celebratory, and you’re in particularly good shape for communicating, connecting, and friendship. You especially enjoy some time spent freer of worries about your responsibilities. Opportunities are likely to emerge for entertainment, leisure time, or play.

GEMINI: You might give particular thought to money, work, health, and habits, and plans to take better care of these areas of your life can emerge or come together. Your mind is fertile and resourceful now.

CANCER: Your curiosity is aroused, you’re more observant, and you may end up doing a lot of chatting or a wide variety of activities. You’re likely to find natural outlets for communicating your ideas and expressing yourself. It’s also a fine time to pursue a personal interest.

LEO: You can come to a better sense of where to put your energies, including your money and time, at this time of the lunar month. Emotions settle down, and this feels right. A good feeling of your priorities and a practical focus seem to work best for you at the moment.

VIRGO: You could be desiring an overhaul of sorts. While this can bring your emotions very close to the surface, you’re nevertheless focused on fun ideas and creative musings rather than your neglected personal needs.

LIBRA: It’s an excellent time to seek out refreshing, rejuvenating, and low-key activities. Still, if you need to look at a problem from a different perspective, today is strong for it. Thinking is smart, and minds are open. You see options where there didn’t seem to be any in the past, particularly related to your larger goals, career, work, health, and money matters

SCORPIO: Creatively speaking, this is a perfect day for new ideas. There is good energy for you to rearrange and redesign your projects, plans, or personal environment. There is good energy for personal attraction, as people are noticing you for your more appealing qualities, even if you are in a rather detached mood.

SAGITTARIUS: It’s a good time to sort out your priorities and pick up the slack, if necessary. Your ambition is pleasantly stimulated today, and you might enjoy a cleansing conversation about a personal matter. You’re in fine shape for thinking up long-term goals or reconsidering ways to achieve current ones.

CAPRICORN: You can feel quite drive to feed your desire for knowledge, variety, and activity, and you’re in no mood for the usual fare. Communication, particularly with a partner, can be especially helpful, fertile, and even healing. Counseling or teaching/learning situations are well-starred.

AQUARIUS: You’re in a great position to get into deeper touch with your desires, needs, and wants. There may be a greater need to accommodate rather than pursue personal goals at this time of the year. It can be a reflective time when strategizing makes more sense than taking direct action.

PISCES: Harmonizing and balancing are natural drives at this time. You might be able to enjoy a new perspective on your life, whether this happens naturally or through feedback or the eyes of someone close to you. It’s a good time to release some pressure and redirect more of your energy into your relationships.