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22nd November 2018

ARIES: Relationships are likely to become explosively tense and bringing things off the boil is the challenge for you right now. This may be because the event in question may have happened some days ago when you aren’t able to let it go.
TAURUS: Excessive sentimentality is an emotional thread that’s interweaving your domestic relationships. This is predominantly related to the fact that time doesn’t stay the same and things change. It would be lovely to keep things as they were but that’s not possible.
GEMINI: You are overthinking. If your question is related to why you are tired and unable to muster up enough energy, this might just be the primary drain on you. Thinking efficiently is as important as working on using your time and money efficiently. In fact, your energy levels the basis of all of this.
CANCER: You may have built up some reserves of time and this gives you the chance to now go a little more slowly and easily in your daily routine. This doesn’t mean getting lazy but it’s nice to be able to smell the roses on the way rather than rushing around madly from chore to chore.
LEO: You can be forceful now especially in your speech but this is exactly what is necessary to get the job done. It is it people haven’t been respecting what you say now you have to swing back to possibly overcompensate for that misperceived lack of strength.
VIRGO: You are prepared to look outside your normal view of things and see things in a different light. This means exposing yourself to different ideologies, culture and even types of movies and books. Doing things differently will also help open doorways to different parts of your personality which can thereby reveal new skills you didn’t realise you possess.
LIBRA: It’s as if you’ve found some new space within yourself that acts as a buffer against the turbulent circumstances of your life. This is an important development because it gives you the chance to clearly see that you aren’t really affected by what happens on the outside if you don’t let it.
SCORPIO: Letting off steam may be done in ways that can endanger yourself and others. Not just physically although that’s possible especially if you’re out and about speeding or doing things faster and with more bravado. But it can impact the emotions of others in your relationship.
SAGITTARIUS: You have practical solutions for the future but they may be too narrow to allow any “fudge factor”. You want an adjustable pathway just in case circumstances change. As you know from your own experience, that’s quite likely to happen.
CAPRICORN: Try to break the habits you’ve become ingrained with. This has to do with relating to family members. You need to be creative in the way you respond. This provides others with a chance to also respond to you differently.
AQUARIUS: Problems require very serious thinking but you’re up to it. You have greater commitment, energy and enjoyment from your activities now. A balance between thinking about how you will proceed and actually practising that is what is needed.
PISCES: It’s a case of “less is more” at this time. You may have a lot to say about the way things are being done knowing full well they can be done much more efficiently. But who is listening to you anyhow, you ask? If that’s the case why are you beating your head against the wall? Tastes run counterclockwise and ideals may as well.