22nd July 2019


ARIES: You’re moved to create, put skills to use, show others what you can do, enjoy romance, and partake of many of life’s pleasures. You might pay more attention to personal hobbies or recreation and entertainment in the weeks ahead.
TAURUS: It’s a good cycle for family activities, home improvement, and boosting your sense of safety, security, and comfort. It’s also healthy for reconnecting with your roots.
GEMINI: You’re likely to run more errands than usual and communicate with people more frequently in the weeks ahead. This is a busy, engaged period of the year for you.
CANCER: You’re shifting gears, and your focus is turning to those things that make you feel secure and comfortable. It’s a good cycle in which to discover what it is you truly value.
LEO: It’s a period for personal updates and even a reinvention of sorts. Make the most of this period through faith in yourself, as this is the start of a new solar year.
VIRGO: You require more alone time and substantial chunks of time devoted to reflection on the activities and developments of the last year. This is the final month of the solar cycle and can be considered a time for wrapping things up.
LIBRA: You can be more actively participating and contributing and can benefit from teamwork. You’re also in a more hopeful, positive mood overall. Today, there can be some tendency towards extravagance, and possibly speaking too much or too soon about a matter.
SCORPIO: You may very well come to a high point of the year in your career or reputation. People in positions of power are more likely to notice you and listen to you. Pride can help your status, but too much of it, of course, can be damaging now.
SAGITTARIUS: You are more adventurous and curious, and you might do more studying, learning, and venturing out and about. Your aspirations and ideals are stronger driving forces in your life in the coming weeks.
CAPRICORN: There may be a strong focus on other’s money, such as the resources of a partner. You are more intense in your mood and disposition at this time of year, and in some ways, you may keep things to yourself more than usual.
AQUARIUS: Today, there may be ego issues to deal with or a sense that you’re not appreciated for all that you do. Even so, you tend to want to solve the problem by doing more for others, and this won’t do you any good right now.
PISCES: You take special pride in your tasks, health, and wellness, and it’s a good time to take charge of daily routines. You can be especially busy getting your life into better order now.