22nd July 2018


ARIES: You will make some amazing monetary gains. Your career will bloom and flourish and you may find an exciting promotion coming your way! Besides, success in new ventures will come your way. Those in business will find profits gifted to them.
TAURUS: You will also come across some great-unexpected monetary gains.You may look at developing new skills and a different attitude to deal with matters that require considerable skill at communication and persuasion. You may have to take and smooth out issues with your co-workers.
GEMINI: You may suffer from ups and downs but your optimism and determination to win will see you through. You will achieve your objectives just as desired. What may irritate the most will be last minute delays, unfounded obstructions, sudden change of plans. You should keep calm and control your temper..
CANCER: Gains will come your way, and you will also be very successful in your government related matters. Besides, an increment in your pay may stir you up to achieve more success. The stomach and the chest are the sensitive health zone and precaution should be taken.
LEO: You will be open to suggestion and even own up to some of your own mistakes. This will pave the way to future growth. You will also be energetic and enthusiastic. Unexpected expenses will upset you. You may get into trouble with government departments.
VIRGO: The present positive period will give you constancy of purpose and contentment .You might be tempted to be a little extravagant .Money will be spent on home improvement .You will have to be cautious about your own health.
LIBRA: Career will be demanding and you will face intense and active competition, as well as bad vibrations and accusations from rivals, but your work will be done. You will be in a highly competitive frame of mind and will work towards improving your performance.
SCORPIO: A relaxed frame of mind is what leads to better enjoyment of life. What you really striving for is both mental peace and relaxation. You derive this from the warmth of personal relationships that give you tremendous satisfaction.
SAGITTARIUS: Energy, inspiration, ideas come flooding in. Lots of work is in store for your now. But there is the incentive that efforts of the past are getting their justly deserved rewards. They may take the form of citations, bonus stock options, awards, more perks and privileges.
CAPRICORN: You would be in a mood to take independent decisions and creating conditions that suit you rather than adapt to situation. It is important that you are sure of what you want. You may take certain steps in order that there would be better life for your family but these must be unrealistic. Just be careful and do not act in haste.
AQUARIUS: You’ve been basking in the glory that has come to you, and it lasts Quick changes, mostly gains by earned income and joint-finance. Your bank balance shoots up. There is a slight danger of headaches and stomach problems.
PISCES: Contracts will help you in earning money. There is a slight chance of legacy, lottery, windfall and help by joint-finance. Earned income shows increase. Avoid pastries and fatty foods, drink plenty of water and be strict with yourself.