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22nd February 2020

ARIES: If you want the support of others, you need to give them a good reason to follow suit. Sharing your side of things, especially your belief system, is vitally important during these couple of days. This is particularly significant if you’re acting as a role model for children or people within your immediate family circle.
TAURUS: You will have to find ways to dedicate much more time to a particular activity if you want to become great at it. Success is not something that accidentally falls in your lap. It requires a lot of hard work and you are starting to realise this.
GEMINI: Success can become a form of imprisonment. In many cases, the great expectations you have of money, power and affluence, bind and rob you of time and personal freedom. You may be feeling that now. Time is becoming your greatest asset.
CANCER: Your defences are weaker than usual. You find yourself accepting the easy road for the time being. You’re seeing things as an obstacle, rather than an opportunity. Avoid choosing the fork in the road of life until you’ve had more time to evaluate.
LEO: If you’re going to grandstand, your arguments better be watertight. Someone may try to shoot you down in flames. Understanding your topic is what this cycle is about. Go for extra study, learning aspects of your profession that others can’t compete with gives you the edge.
VIRGO: You’ll be surprised when you realise that a friend is more enlightened than you’d expected. Connecting with people you otherwise wouldn’t have time for will be an interesting departure from the norm. An occasional gamble at the casino or the race track isn’t a problem.
LIBRA: You feel that the foundation upon which your life goals are built can be a little shaky now. When confidence is waning, look to people you admire and want to emulate. Ask yourself what you have in common with them. Clarify your ambitions.
SCORPIO: Emotional blackmail is something you won’t tolerate at this time. Unfortunately, you must deal with it. If you’re in a romantic relationship, they may see you as overstepping the bounds of fair play. If you ignore their requests for discussion, that’s only going to inflame the problem.
SAGITTARIUS: You could be riding high socially, but be careful that you don’t invite envy or displeasure from others. The next few days can be uplifting financially, as long as you continue to adjust your budget. Strengthening the bonds you have with your lover requires conformity in all areas of your life.
CAPRICORN: Comparisons with others cut both ways. There are always going to be others who are better or worse off than you. This is a judgement that will never satisfy you. You realise how much more you must achieve by remaining humble. Listen to the messages of your body.
AQUARIUS: Barring someone from your company is a frivolous gesture. It’s not based on any understanding of the person. Talk to them first to find out the truth for yourself. Don’t listen to others who have a vested interest in spreading gossip. Travelling and business are intimately linked.
PISCES: Try to remain open to opposite points of view, even if you don’t initially agree. Errors of judgement are often a result of dismissing good advice. Choices made in haste, or to remedy personality conflicts, the only result of poor outcomes.