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22nd February 2019

ARIES: Your personality might not gel well with the family desire for peace and harmony at all costs today. You seem to be slightly more willing to question things than everyone else is. You’re the black sheep.
TAURUS: Today is a glorious day of rare and fortunate energy. stars provide a good luck charm. You benefit significantly since you are one of the earth signs. Luck in love is strong.
GEMINI: You have a revolutionary idea that you’re just dying to share with your spouse or partner. Be sure to open your mouth today since the energy is highly supportive of them being on board with your line of thought.
CANCER: You only want to see the best in your partners. Today however, you might run into some confusion as it seems values are not in line as they normally are. It’s not you who’s waffling.
LEO: Today you will be shining with promise. Romantic potential is high, with an intellectual flavour that adds a touch of chat to the mix. Why not get out for a meal, or enjoy a fair? It’s all good, but the focal point is you!
VIRGO: This is a prime opportunity to work together with co workers on a project. Everyone has the ability to bring efficiency together with vision and you’ll feel more valued than ever on job.
LIBRA: The romance continues and this time expands. You’re on a nice run in the sexual department. Even if you have a steady partner, a new interest might surface…..
SCORPIO: An extraordinary energy today will affect you on a personal level. You have more power behind your voice than you think at the moment. Today, you can express yourself in a way that lends strategic support to your personal plans.
SAGITTARIUS: Things are much better today at home. In fact, this is a good time to put one of your creative talents to use with relatives. You’ll be part of the bliss, rather than on the outside looking in.
CAPRICORN: There’s no doubt you have the power today, Capricorn! Your honeyed words will smooth the path for you, whether in your business dealings, in romance, or anything to do with distant connections, foreigners or cultural and religious matters. Hidden obstacles may block the path, but by using diplomacy and discretion, you will overcome.
AQUARIUS: Money is a concern today in a most sensitive way. You might have to guard against feelings of insecurity. Trust that you will always have what you need.
PISCES: Today, there’s sure to be an event in your life that yields abundant emotion. It will be happy – in fact joyous sentiment that you feel today so enjoy every moment of this delightful time.