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22nd December 2019

ARIES: Taking a gamble could pay off now but of course, you need to your instincts and be prepared to lose what you gamble. If someone’s trying to coerce you into helping them out when your intuition doesn’t feel right about it then you know what the answer is, don’t you?
TAURUS: You feel so right today as if the world is your oyster and you have an answer to every question. Confidence is your ally now and you can impress others with your joyous, outgoing nature by attracting respect and admiration.
GEMINI: If you tighten your belt, you’re likely to be able to afford some things you thought were out of your reach. You can stretch a dollar a lot further than you think. You also communicate serious issues in a lighter, more relaxed fashion. This will ensure the response you want.
CANCER: If you’re feeling intellectually inferior, do something about it. Expanding your understanding is imperative if you want a better life. You’ll regain your lost confidence. If your health is down, it may have to do with a decadent attitude and bad thinking habits.
LEO: You’re more interested in the deeper mysteries of life but don’t let that distract you from the practical affairs that you must tackle. This could include financial issues that you are at loggerheads over with someone close.
VIRGO: If you’re contemplating new business ideas factor in additional expenses for government, legal and accounting measures. Taking a risk seems to be the order of the day; however, you can’t act alone. You may be feeling down about money because you have no control over the way someone close to you is managing their end of the deal.
LIBRA: You have to reconsider some of the significant events in your life that have led up to the current situation. You are remiss or have overlooked some pertinent element in your negotiations which make it appear that forces outside your control have placed you in the position you’re in. Maybe you’re just ignoring it.
SCORPIO: Seek out your allies today! You’ll have to have your feet squarely planted on the ground to gain someone else’s support now. This will give you a good mental connection with them. You feel as if your mind is being straitjacketed by mundane folk.
SAGITTARIUS: Finances may draw your attention and you must organize or simplify money matters that involve sharing, taxation, borrowing or lending. Your understanding and views on life are invigorated now. You may read some thought-provoking material, travel to a distant place, teach or learn something in a class.
CAPRICORN: You are competitive at the moment but need to pick your battles wisely. You may be going after the wrong people. A little more careful investigation is a good idea under the circumstances. At present, you will find that your “work” energy will be better redirected now to a relationship.
AQUARIUS: You are worried by professional matters today. There’s possibly something mysterious or nebulous going on. You feel an undercurrent that you can’t quite put your finger on. The mystery is only that which isn’t understood. So get to work now and investigate those things which you’ve swept under the rug for too long.
PISCES: You may feel unstable in your relationship and want more response from your lover or spouse. Simply ask for what you want. You feel destabilised as the current environment changes. Adjustment is your key word, and don’t forget the concept of survival of the fittest. You need a restart on a business relationship, even though you’re reluctant to do it.