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22nd December 2018

ARIES: There’s domestic tension in the air, so be careful. It won’t take much for someone to lose their temper, even if it’s over something that you consider being totally trivial. The trouble is that you may unconsciously make the situation worse by winding this person up. If you want to have a row, then get it over with so you can move on to something else.
TAURUS: You’re still in high spirits Taurus, so enjoy! You feel like doing something exciting and daredevil today, or changing your plans if they seem a bit dreary. It’s a fabulous day for getting together with loved ones, but you might also fancy doing something sporty or athletic, especially if you can compete against others. You want to win, of course!
GEMINI: There’s an emotional gulf between you and certain people today, making you feel miserable and out on a limb. Try not to make too much of the whole incident because it will soon blow over. It’s even better for you to disappear by yourself for a while, so you can sort things out in your own mind.
CANCER: You’re feeling much more resilient today, and yesterday’s demons have almost entirely retreated into the woodwork. Get rid of any residual emotion by doing something very practical and satisfying, because it will be therapeutic if you can admire your handiwork or feel pleased with all the work you’ve got through.
LEO: It’s time to turn over a new leaf, especially where home and family are concerned. If you’ve been at each other’s throats recently, you need to sort out the problem and then call a truce. There could also be progress if you’re in the throes of moving house and have been wondering why nothing’s happened recently.
VIRGO: Relationships aren’t as easy as they could be right now, and brings one of those scratchy and temperamental days in which you’re likely to fall out with all and sundry. Is it their fault? Is it your fault? It doesn’t really matter, because what’s important is the way you behave and deal with your anger. Don’t go off the deep end unless it’s really necessary.
LIBRA: The emotional temperature rises by several degrees, leading to a hot-house atmosphere in which things are said in the heat of the moment that are bitterly regretted when everyone’s calmed down again. Try not to make things worse by dredging up old scores or being deliberately spiteful or unkind, even though it may be tempting at the time.
SCORPIO: You need to let off steam after the past few days, so consider having a complete change of scene for the day and doing things on the spur of the moment. It will also help to be with different people for a change, so consider getting together with some friends or going to a club where you can always guarantee to bump into someone interesting.
SAGITTARIUS: It’s time to clear the air! The atmosphere is still strained between you and certain people, so you need to do something constructive about it. The best way to do this is to have it out and for everyone to have their say; otherwise the level of tension between you will continue to rise. Try not to use withering sarcasm as a weapon because it won’t help one bit.
CAPRICORN: You’re feeling wonderfully optimistic and positive and determined to look on the bright side no matter what’s happening to you at the moment. There could also be some very good news, which will put an extra spring in your step and definitely give you something to smile about. It’s one of those days when you’re perfectly happy to count your blessings.
AQUARIUS: Peace is about to break out, so encourage it by being as friendly and easy-going as possible. Let loved ones talk about whatever is important to them right now, and make an effort to listen. There could also be some good news about a house move or building project, although this may involve doing your sums to make sure you can still afford it.
PISCES: Do yourself a favor and choose the company you keep very carefully today. You should avoid anyone who habitually puts you down or makes you doubt yourself, because they’ll have even more of a negative impact on you than normal. Even then, you may have doubts about your abilities or you might have second thoughts about one of your goals.