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22nd August 2018

ARIES: Play your cards close to your chest and don’t discuss your financial plans with others today. Your partner is extremely loving, which puts you in an excellent mood. Have a great time tonight – a friend will introduce you to somebody special who will have a remarkable influence on your thoughts.
TAURUS: Enjoy a relaxing day in good company… no need to push yourself on this day made for leisure and recreation. If you do have work to finish, gather your friends around! Hand out the paintbrushes and order pizza for the gang… not only will your job get done faster, you just might have fun doing it.
GEMINI: This could be an unsteady day as the balance of work and home is somewhat disturbed. There’ll be calls or pulls in opposing directions and you’ll have to be quick on your feet to keep up. Some Geminians may find responsibilities a bit overwhelming or hard to fulfil.
CANCER: Today is a good day to share our troubles with a pal. In the same spirit, take time for a friend who needs you now. With all the frustration in daily living, the shelter of a loving friendship is welcome.
LEO: You’ll need to meet all your responsibilities before the end of the day; people are counting on you to get the job done. This is a good night to step out with your mate, best friend, or partner. All eyes will be on you and the glorious sight that you are.
VIRGO: Communicate with co-workers, service appliances and maintain a healthy exercise routine and a good diet. There’s tension in the air as the day begins and you could be tense or accident prone, especially at work or if operating machinery. Steer clear of disputes with co-workers.
LIBRA: This is a great day for Libra, so don’t sit inside and watch the world go by. If the weather is good, this is a great time to participate in team or group sports. Go cycling with a friend or play ball with your pals in the warmth of the afternoon sun. Romance is also favoured by today’s aspects, so consider planning an evening under the stars.
SCORPIO: Issues of partnership, money and your spiritual life could be elements in an important decision you need to make. Are you really going in a direction that serves your inner self? What role does someone close play in your life? Some of you really need to make a commitment now while others need to break free.
SAGITTARIUS: You may have to decide shortly on the personal direction you want to take. Such a choice will involve taking one road at the expense of another. To do one thing or embrace one option, you will have to leave another behind. This is an important threshold so don’t try to hedge your bets.
CAPRICORN: Pay attention to your instincts as they will not lead you astray. Listen to your inner voice, especially what it tells you about others. You may need to keep information about your personal life to yourself, because there may be people in your environment that are not as friendly as they would like you to think.
AQUARIUS: The energies gather in the Heavens, urging you to make a choice about where your life is going. Work is at the core of it, but the life you want or the cause you’re devoted to may become mutually exclusive. In order to gain something of importance in your life’s work, you may have to set aside something you want.
PISCES: Don’t even think of entering a secret alliance today, as it will only end in tears. Gains from an unexpected source lifts your spirits and gladdens your heart. Romance is still all around you: however, it’s making you a bit gooey and mushy, so be careful not to let this affect your work. You’ll make plenty of money if you play your cards carefully.