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22 September 2020

ARIES: Don’t be surprised if you find yourself getting really angry today. This may well be related to someone in an authority position like a boss or an elder. The influence from the day’s aspects can intensify your feelings and you’ll need to bite your tongue to avoid saying something inappropriate.

TAURUS: Depression is a very real challenge for far more people than you realize. And without taking direct action, you can suffer far more than you have to. If this is something that is happening for you, don’t hide in your shell. There is no shame in this – it’s an illness just as the flu is.

GEMINI: If you find yourself trying to prove that you have something valuable to offer, it might be better to think this through first. Chances are you’re naturally friendly and get along with almost anyone. This may already be a strength for you and you already have something great to bring to a crowd.

CANCER: Strong support towards a meaningful cause may be emphasized for you today. This can be a real motivator for you as it can bring out your deepest passions and desires to make a difference. Yet, with the planetary influences of the day, do take some extra time to consider what you are committing to.

LEO: Feed your mind today. While you no doubt enjoy being active and social, chances are you get bored fairly quick as well. This is common for a Sagittarian and you’ll need to give yourself a constant supply of intriguing and fresh material to feel your best.

VIRGO: If things just seem to get to you more than usual today, be sure you take steps to making yourself feel better. Get together with a friend or do something special for yourself. Emotions can run high on days like this so don’t be too surprised if you feel quite sensitive.

LIBRA: Given half a chance you’ll probably jump at the opportunity to show off your problem solving abilities today. Your natural aptitude for getting to the bottom of a situation and gathering all the facts will be highlighted, making you a formidable detective. Be careful, though, that you don’t jump to conclusions.

SCORPIO: Your sensitivity may hit new extremes. As a Sagittarian, it’s already part of your nature to feel things deeply. With the influence from this day’s aspects, it can get to the point where you’re overwhelmed. Don’t be too hard on yourself if the slightest thing has you weepy or agitated.

SAGITTARIUS: Your paternal instincts may kick into overdrive today, and if you have children you might be feeling very protective of them. They might use the word “overprotective”. It’s very hard to stand back and watch them make the same mistakes you made at their age but it’s really the only way to learn.

CAPRICORN: Today you may be feeling like a comedian. Whether you keep the people around you in stitches or alienate them depends on how well you can control yourself. Sarcasm can be hilarious but it can also be the cruelest form of humor. Once you’re on a roll it’s hard to notice when things get out of hand so be mindful that you don’t overdo it and hurt someone.

AQUARIUS: Your instinct to be helpful might kick into overdrive today. Wonderful! If you take just a minute to glance around you’ll find someone who’s feeling swamped or frustrated and your offer of a helping hand will be very appreciated. This is a “feel good about yourself” sort of day and you’ll find that the feeling you get from helping out is its own reward. Jump right in there and help out.

PISCES: If there’s something crafty or artsy you’ve had your eye on, and would really like to get but can’t afford, consider making it. Even if you don’t consider yourself artistic, you may surprise yourself if you give a project half a chance. There are numerous web sites that cater to novice crafters that can give you the support and instructions you need.