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22 July 2020

ARIES: Letting go isn’t always easy, especially if the person you’re trying to let go of isn’t necessarily bad. You’ve been hurt, or unfulfilled in some relationship and now it’s time to move on. Looking backwards is necessary to reappraise how to improve things presently and in future.

TAURUS: Someone could misinterpret your intentions today. Don’t assume that people understand everything you’re saying because it’s not the case. Try to speak plainly so there’s no ambiguity or room for misunderstanding.

GEMINI: You don’t want to follow a group mentality now. When comparing yourself to those you work with, you must understand that you’re a white daisy in a large field of yellow flowers. Differentiating yourself from others is a definite plus.

CANCER: Even if you’ve received a bonus, or somehow come across extra cash you’ll be playing catch up with bills. It seems to be an ever-revolving door, doesn’t it? Try to limit your spending habits. Get back to a practical budget. You feel grateful for friendships that have endured.

LEO: Someone is trying to control you. This is creating quite a bit of discomfort. Sometimes manipulation is so subtle you can barely detect it. If you’re street smart you’ll be onto it. You’ll others think they have control. It’s you who’ll be controlling them.

VIRGO: If you’re ambidextrous, you might have a good chance of pleasing everyone and finishing your work today. Even doing your best to bend over backwards may not provide you enough time. You might even feel less than appreciated for going the extra mile.

LIBRA: Feeling vulnerable today? You won’t want to spend time with others, even if the invitation is enticing. You need time to work through personal issues. You’d rather not have to endure idle chitchat with no specific objective. Wait till you regain some inner confidence by solving your problem.

SCORPIO: You’re appreciated for your hard efforts. Knowing you do the job better than others, however, your employer may land you with extra work. You deserve the accolades but wouldn’t mind some extra cash to underpin nice words.

SAGITTARIUS: It’s a lazy sort of day, but that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve something. Correct action rests on quality thinking and planning. It’s quite okay to give yourself full permission to be lazy as long as it’s constructive laziness.

CAPRICORN: Being around someone today may be torture! If you’ve had bad experiences with them before, why subject yourself to the same inconvenience again? You’re doing this out of the force of habit rather than any social obligation.

AQUARIUS: It’s worthwhile to stand out from the crowd occasionally. Don’t be afraid to show off your talents. Be prepared for people to pull you down if you do, though. Some people act strange when they’re confronted with your success.

PISCES: Get out your ‘little black book’ and reconnect with your friends, past business and work associates. You’ve inadvertently overlooked some of your friends. You’ve been caught up in the whirlwind of life and other crazy events.