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21st November 2019

ARIES: There is a kind of electric, high-speed, erratic energy in the atmosphere between you and others today. You may suddenly know what the other person is about to say – and interject something before they have a chance to say it.
TAURUS: You need to pay extra attention to security and home safety. This may cost a little money but it is worth the peace of mind. Regulations will bother you at present so you need to take a liberal view of what is expected of you. Create some new parameters for yourself and others.
GEMINI: Your work practices will be misdirected during the coming days so you need to be a step ahead of this trend. You may not realize it but you’re upstaging others and this is somehow creating opposition from others. This, in turn, will obstruct you on the ladder of success and make you feel frustrated.
CANCER: Wading through a political maze could be a nightmare now. This isn’t the politics of government bureaucracy but the politics you may be dealing with socially and within your workplace. Sometimes it’s unavoidable and try as hard as you can to sidestep the nonsense, you’ll be caught up in the frenzy reactions by those you work with.
LEO: You could be nervous about the criteria someone’s set for you at this time. Don’t allow your pride to get in the road of asking for the help you need to do the best possible job. You could be trying too hard to radically change a situation or someone’s perspective on a situation.
VIRGO: New financial responsibilities may come your way at the moment and that requires you to put out extra but may also serve to boost your credit as well. You may need to temporarily dismantle your financial plans and create a new perspective.
LIBRA: You may feel downright lazy! Lounging around at home and relaxing or perhaps unwinding at the beach or in a natural environment is appealing. It’s time to make some firm decisions about the people you want in your life. You have a greater sense of your power.
SCORPIO: Your reputation and role in the community are important now. Make sure no one is spurting bad press about you. The impression others have of you may not be as accurate as they think. Use your communication skills to get your point across.
SAGITTARIUS: Plans may not be working out but that doesn’t mean you should give up. Drill down into the details of your issue and you’ll find that things aren’t so bad if you look with the proper perspective. Transportation can take on a whole new complexion as you try to work out a better means of travel or of cutting back costs on fuel etc.
CAPRICORN: Travel plans may be thrown into chaos as you have to temporarily postpone an outing that. If you must postpone don’t worry because there is always another day. This also shows that you may not be thinking clearly or could simply be ruminating over the past but not constructively so.
AQUARIUS: You have to reconsider some of the significant events in your life that have led up to the current situation. You are remiss or have overlooked some pertinent element in your negotiations which make it appear that forces outside your control have placed you in the position you’re in.
PISCES: What you feel like doing opposed to what you “should” be, such as your duties are likely to be in conflict right now. You’ll be working hard and actually feeling quite good about what you are doing but you need to balance the pros and cons for maximum impact.