21st May 2019


ARIES: The star takes a trip down reality lane today, when you notice some blemishes on your new love interest. Career moves need to get to the core of the financial and long term potential. You can achieve your desires, just be direct about it.
TAURUS: Ready for action and fun, you jump at any event that promises a good time. It’s also a great day for buying yourself a few lovely treats. It’s the little things that will serve you best today. If you get the details right, everything will fall into place.
GEMINI: Be firm, when it comes to immediate requirements. It is one thing to be cautious and quite another to be afraid. People around you may influence you; this is a very tricky situation. Put aside certain money during this period in long term fixed return generating instruments.
CANCER: There are bills to be paid and if you’ve overdone it, now’s the time to cut your coat according to the cloth you have.
LEO: You are in the perfect mood for hard work and paying attention to the finer details. Speculation will yield handsome profits, provided you are confident where to put your money.
VIRGO: Pay particular attention to your friendships today, because the more you put into them the more you’ll get out of them. The important thing is that you demonstrate the patience and restraint and don’t push ahead without checking the ground beneath your feet.
LIBRA: Today you may have to cope with a colleague or employee whose mind isn’t on their job. Friends are a cause of tension, as critical comments and misunderstandings are the source of disagreements and ultimately, social discomfort.
SCORPIO: Elements of your life do not need to remain stagnant, as they have been in the past. There could also be tension if you owe a friend some money because they’ll be agitating to get it back. Routine arrangements have a nasty habit of going haywire today.
SAGITTARIUS: The day begins on something of a tricky note and you need to be both resourceful and ingenious to solve any problems. Loved ones are hard to handle today. There’s a lot of pent-up tension and resentment in the air, and it seems to permeate everything.
CAPRICORN: You must concentrate and come to the right decision whether to proceed boldly or to slow down and be conservative! You need to go in search of the right people. It could be they’re right in front of you, but there’s a certain like-mindedness that you’ll only know when you see it.
AQUARIUS: The more wedded you are to your routine, the more trying today’s events will be. Cash shall be a problem today and you shall try to find out ways and means of increasing your liquidity.
PISCES: Something that you can usually do with your eyes closed may become an unexpected problem, or a well-tried system may break down for no good reason. As you contemplate your deeper desires, opinions clash and you a situation arises amongst friends or lovers.