21st March 2019


ARIES: Somebody might be promising more than they can deliver today and that somebody could be you if you’re not careful. Promises are likely coming from good intentions; it’s just that elevated moods can lead to some overestimation.
TAURUS: This can be a lively time for you and you may get the feeling from someone that you’re valued and respected, which encourages and motivates you. It’s a good time for attracting who or what you want.
GEMINI: It’s important to watch for haste and impatience today. It’s true that there may be delays that can be frustrating now, but these can afford you the chance to think things through.
CANCER: This can be a time of enjoying a friendly spirit of competition, but it’s best to rein things in if you feel you’re going too far. There can be empty promises or people pushing others’ limits or boundaries now.
LEO: Your belief in yourself and others is admirable today. While there can be some issues with high expectations or overreaching now, putting more faith in the people you love and expressing your appreciation for them can boost a bond or open up opportunities to connect with someone new.
VIRGO: There is some tendency to go overboard or to bulldoze over others’ plans or ideas today, mainly because you’re enthusiastic. While there’s a forgiving theme to the day, it’s better not to push things.
LIBRA: It’s best to keep communications simple and straightforward today. There is some tendency not only to be misunderstood but also to go over the top. Pushing for an answer is likely to backfire today.
SCORPIO: Differences of opinion or a feeling of being overlooked are potential problems today and it may be best to steer your conversations or thoughts to the positive. This is not to avoid problems altogether, but to avoid wasting time on matters that you can’t truly change.
SAGITTARIUS: In many ways these days, you’re whipping your life into shape. Today, however, there is some tendency to push things a little too far, and you might experience a conflict between your will and your performance, leaving you uncertain about how to express the extra energy you have now.
CAPRICORN: Something that looks very attractive today may prove to be useless later. Or, you may feel overcome with a desire that is likely to fade almost as quickly as it comes on. Today is fortunate for activities that are fun, romantic, and creative, but you should watch that you don’t go overboard in your enthusiasm.
AQUARIUS: There is positive, playful energy with you at this time although some tendency to want to push something that’s better left alone, or the opposite: to back off when the timing is right. Watch that you don’t stress over things that don’t honestly matter in the long run.
PISCES: Enthusiasm seems in wonderful supply today but watch for the tendency to take it too far. Keep things moderate on certain fronts, but especially on a professional level. The temptation to push too hard or to go over the top to get one’s way is great but is unlikely to bring desired results.