21st June 2019


ARIES: Your mind will naturally gravitate towards financial matters and you can clean up what was previously swept under the rug. It makes you almost obsessively compulsive about work now. Don’t let these intense desires for wealth blind you to your personal responsibilities.
TAURUS: A friendship might leave a bad taste in your mouth, but will re-surface later for a shot at revival. How will you deal with that? You’ve probably been too nice to people and have received a bit of a shock now that your kindness hasn’t been reciprocated.
GEMINI: Forcing someone to love is wrong, wrong, WRONG! Subtlety and finesse is the way. Say less, remain elusive and let your charm woo them. Playing the power broker will only alienate the very person you’re trying to attract now.
CANCER: You can make changes in the coming days, but must act quickly. Time is of the essence if you want to revamp your lifestyle or professional circumstances. Write your resignation letter now – procrastination will kill the moment and leave your stranded on the desert island of dissatisfaction.
LEO: Your industriousness and dependability shows through now. whatever you’ve attempted is completed with full confidence. If the going’s been tough don’t give up now or you’ll throw out all that good work for nothing!
VIRGO: You’ll be surprised when you realise that a friend is more enlightened than you’d expected. Connecting with people you wouldn’t otherwise have time for will be an interesting departure from the norm.
LIBRA: Use today to sharpen your sense of meaningful purpose or what commitments you have just now. Reassess where you are going and why. If you do have a clear goal, you can make significant progress but more importantly, can enjoy leisure time without the fogginess of confused direction.
SCORPIO: You feel like making exciting plans with friends because your imagination is now in overdrive due to the influence of the on your general expression and creative work output. Enjoy these creative bursts of intellectual energy while they last.
SAGITTARIUS: Take on large scale projects. It will help either expand your business or at least your imagination. Resolve long-standing problems so you can now quickly raise your salary or station in life. It may prove helpful to take greater advantage of your partner’s resources and talents.
CAPRICORN: You will accomplish something now. Although it took a long time, you’re satisfied the task is complete. Enjoy a night out on the town. Shine the spotlight on your finances. Any benefits or extra cash you discover will be short-lived or needlessly wasted on other pursuits.
AQUARIUS: By constantly bringing up the past in your mind, you’ll miss the present and therefore not maximise the future. You’re dwelling on some previous guilt and nothing can change what happened before. It’s best to let go of those negative thoughts.
PISCES: Past karma is good and you could expect relief but be careful because circumstances arising now may simply be mirages in the desert. Look for what is real and sustainable. Impulse buying on expensive items should definitely be avoided.