21st July 2019


ARIES: There is no point to life if you remain unchanged. Right now you may feel as if you need to step away from the hustle and bustle of life and anchor yourself again. Reinvent yourself and study how life is impacting on you for the better.
TAURUS: Being around someone today may be torture! If you have had bad experiences with them before, why subject yourself to the same pain again? This may be more out of a force of habit rather than any forced requirement.
GEMINI: You might be feeling lazy today as your mind is lethargic and unimaginative. That could be a result of some confusion or even subtle fear about where you are going in your life. You need some triggers to get you motivated and they should primarily come from yourself, not others.
CANCER: It is best to write down your plans so that there is no possibility of error or confusion. This can also be applied to any discussions you must have, especially if they are of a serious nature. Documenting your thoughts is an extremely good move at this time and help you clarify what you want in the timeline of when you wanted.
LEO: Stop relying on others for your success in life. Become more independent and develop self-confidence in your abilities. You must first identify those aspects of your nature which differentiate you from others. You are looking in the wrong direction and building up others which in a roundabout way is pulling you down.
VIRGO: It’s worthwhile shining occasionally, so don’t be afraid to show off your talents. If you happen to do that, be mindful that others may not always take too kindly to this. This is especially the case if there is some competition lurking beneath the surface.
LIBRA: Sometimes thoughts are like a revolving door which keep going round and round almost indefinitely. Today is one such day and you must be careful of this. Break that habit and refocus your attention on something more productive and satisfying.
SCORPIO: It may be a battle of wits to get your point across today and appears as if those that matter aren’t listening. You need a new strategy if you’re blending into the wallpaper behind you. Sometimes trying too hard is what pushes people away.
SAGITTARIUS: Educational pursuits dominate your mind and you want to expand your understanding and sphere of influence. You should do so but only if what you choose to study is dear to your heart and gives you a sense of passion and love in doing so.
CAPRICORN: A friendship or relationship you’ve entered into may not be as easy as you thought. Best friendships also have their own challenges. The trick is not the focus on the fault but rather the better traits of character. Remind yourself that no one is perfect including yourself and this can help you accept others more easily.
AQUARIUS: Debts could spiral out of control due to a burst of impulse on your part. You may think that what you need to spend money on is essential but a little discrimination will go a long way right now. Try to curtail some of those expenses and you realise how much overhead you can cut back on.
PISCES: You’ll see through the facade of others and straight into their heart. This is particularly useful if you’re in the middle of negotiation or dealing with someone who is trying to sell you something. Don’t be deceived by the glitz and glamour.